Roy Jones Jr: Calzaghe Fight Is Done...Announcement Coming Soon!

By G. Leon


Roy Jones Jr: Calzaghe Fight Is Done...Announcement Coming Soon!

Jones severs ties with King, but says he'd fight Sam Peter for title when he's done with Calzaghe

GL: Uh oh, we've been waiting for this exclusive. "Yes you have and I'll been calling your phone all day yesterday just to make sure you got it before anybody. First things first, Don King was gracious enough to move on and allow me make my negotiations to make the fight with Joe Calzaghe. With that being said, me and Calzaghe are going to be fighting this fall. They're holding September 20th or November 15th for us, but right now it's looking like Septmebr 20th."

GL: When can we expect an official announcement?

Roy Jones Jr: "We have to sit down to iron out details. I am free and he is free and this will be the first time in a very long time that two fighters sat down and ironed out all the details themselves. It's a beautiful thing for boxing and it's a beautiful thing for me and Joe. We didn't want nobody like Golden Boy, or Frank Warren or Don King involved and we're fortunate enough to get this done out way. It's going to be his last fast and it's a great thing for this to happen with both of us free."

GL: Do you really think this will be his last fight?

RJ: "Probably not. I'm sure it's going feel good to be free and besides that he's going to want to get some revenge, but now he's saying this is going to be his last fight, so we'll see."

GL: How did you get DK to step aside, did you buy him out?

RJ: Somehwat, Don King is not as bad as people think he is. Everybody has their issues and he wants to be paid for his work and I'm not mad at him. For both of us it's best to have it this way. Joe was afraid to have DK involed and now we've been able to make a deal that makes everybody feel comfortable."

GL: Is DK done or will there be future involvement?

RJ: "He might not be done yet, if he wants me to come back to win the heavyweight championship and fight Sam Peter that's something I'd be interested in doing."

GL: As far as the deal with King that expired on Jan 19?

RJ: "That deal is over and done with."

GL: When will the announcement be coming?

RJ: We're meeting with HBO sometime next week and we will know then. We've just been waiting it out. We knew we were going to fight, but we had to make sure we were clear of certain things that made us feel less comfortable."

GL: How important is this fight for the future of Square Ring?

RJ: "It's very important, most definitely it puts square ring right back on the map. I'm Grateful the deal is done, God has a way of doing things I knew he was going to work it out and I wanted to make sure Joe was clear, once I heard that was official it was music to everybodies ears."

GL: Will the fight take place in Wales of the USA?

RJ: "Not sure yet. It's going to be the biggest fight to happen in a long time, I would love to fight in front of 60,000 people and I ain't never going to get another chance to fight in front of that many people. I know they're not going to be rooting for me, but it's the kind of experience I've always wanted so we'll see."

GL: Wales would make more sense in September than November when the weather is really horrendous, which would hinder the use of any outdoor stadium.

RJ: "Exactly and that's why we're looking at September 20."


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