Round by Round: Vargas -vs- Joval

By Will Lassalle


Round by Round: Vargas -vs- Joval

Pre-Fight   Joval enters the ring with his unique halo haircut. Vargas comes into the ring to some Mexican music and the largely Mexican-American crowd goes crazy. However, there were no white tigers tonight or busting through walls in Vargas' entrance tonight.

Round 1
Fight starts and they meet in the center of the ring. Vargas starts out looking for openings and Joval is moving forward bouncing. Joval throws some weak punches while Vargas is against te ropes. Vargas shoots a lead hook which hits the gloves. Joval pumps some jabs to the head and body. Vargas lands a left hook to the body. Crowd cheers Vargas on. Joval goes to the body and then the head not landing anything clean. Vargas is moving around the ring looking for openings. Center of the ring action has the 2 fighters exchanging jabs. Last ten seconds is more of the same with vargas looking for openings and throwing the occasional jab.
Vargas 10 Joval 9

Round 2
Round starts in the middle of the ring with Vargas feinting. Vargas lands a lead left hook. 2 punch combo lands for Vargas. Vargas is backed into the ropes with Joval landing jabs to the body and left hooks. Vargas moves away from the ropes while jabbing to the body. Clinch has joval with some good work to Vargas’ body. Joval works the body of Vargas against the ropes. Nice uppercut lands for Vargas. Two left hooks stagger Joval! He backs up against the ropes and Vargas pounces. But Joval recovers and is working Vargas against the ropes. Vargas 10 Joval 9
Vargas 20 Joval 18

Round 3
3rd stanza starts off with Vargas throwing jabs to the body. Joval lands some shots while Vargas is against the ropes. Vargas throws some shots to the body while Joval throws combinations trying to throw Vargas off rhythm.  Vargas is circling with Joval coming forward stalking Vargas. Joval misses a big left hook. Hard right hand lead lands 2 times for Vargas. But Joval comes back with 2 rights and a body shot. In fighting has Vargas sneak some nice body shots to the body of Joval. Joval jabs to the body and head and bacs Vargas against the ropes. Joval lands about five punches with Vargas seemingly content to keep his chin tucked. Joval 10  Vargas 9
Vargas 29  Joval 28

Round 4
Vargas throws a lead hook that’s blocked by Joval. Joval backs Vargas against the ropes and unleashes a small flurry. Joval pins Vargas against the ropes again and another flurry. Vargas moves the fight to the center where he picks jabs and left hooks looking for openings. Center of the ring Vargas tries a lead right that misses. Lead power Left hook moves Joval although it lands on the gloves. Joval gets the better of the exchange on the inside fighting. Joval has a fast pace. Vargas lands a big hook in the last ten seconds. Vargas 10 Joval 9
Vargas 39 Joval 37

Round 5
Round starts with Vargas circling. And picking spots. Joval doesn’t seem as active as the earlier rounds. Joval lands a few jabs with Vargas against the ropes. Joval backs Vargas against the ropes and lands a few shots. Ref breaks up a clinch and they fight on the inside in the middle of the ring. Vargas is once again against the corner with Joval throwing punches in bunches. Center of the ring has Vargas ducking 3 straight jabs from Joval. Joval getting the better of the inside fighting. Hard left lands in the inside and stuns Joval. Joval recovers and continues throwing punches. Vargas seems to look for openings to land something big. Joval keeps on punching and stalking. Last ten seconds has Joval get the better of the round. Joval 10  Vargas 9
Vargas 48  Joval 47

Round 6
Round 6 starts with Vargas backing up and circling and Joval moving forward. Center of the ring and Vargas with a hook to the body then head. But Joval just keeps coming forward and throwing punches. Joval backs Vargas against the ropes again and tees off. Inside fighting has Fernando do nothing but slip punches and Joval working a ton of punches. Joval backs Vargas up and throws about 10 punches landing a few but no return fire from Vargas. Joval falls but its ruled a knockdown. Vargas pounces on Joval. But Joval continues with his big workrate. Last ten seconds has Vargas land some big shots. But round goes to Joval. Joval 10  Vargas 9
Vargas 57  Joval 57

Round 7
Round starts with Vargas looking to start the round early and land big shots upstairs. Joval  Chases down Vargas who is backing up and circling the ring.  Vargas is being outworked although he lands the cleaner sharper shots they come few and far in between. Joval lands a nice 1-2 while vargas is skimming the ropes. Inside fighting has Joval landing shots and Vargas not returning any fire. Joval throws some big shots on the inside which don’t seem to phase Vargas but are winning him the round. Vargas picks it up on the inside with big shots to the body. They trade punches in close range. Last ten seconds Has Vargas not throw a single punch. With Joval throwing but not landing.  Joval 10 Vargas 9  Joval's workrate is winning him this fight so far.
Vargas 66  Joval 67

Round 8
Round 8 Starts with Vargas trying to land a big hook! But misses Vargas continues to circle and back up but lands a few nice hooks to Jovals head. Joval is stalking Vargas following him around the ring. Nice uppercut lands by Joval. Vargas lands a few big shots in the middle of the ring and a cut is open on Joval. Vargas seems to smell the blood and is now coming forward and backs Joval into the ring. Where he tees off to the body. Vargas backs Joval up to the ropes. Darting in with big shots to the head or body. Joval lands a body shot that slows Vargas down a lil bit. But vargas is landing big shots on the exchanges in the middle of the ring. Big Right lands for Vargas which hurts Joval. Big round for Vargas Vargas 10 Joval 9
Vargas 76  Joval 76

Round 9
The ninth round starts with Vargas trying to land some big hooks to the body and head. Clinch is broken up and the action resumes in the center of the ring. Joval lands a nice 1-2 upstairs. Vargas is aiming shots at Jovals cut. Joval throwing flurries in the center. Vargas complains of getting hit in the cup. Ref doesn’t see it and Joval takes advantage by pouncing on Vargas while he is complaining. Vargas comes back strong and lands some big combinations. Vargas is backing Joval against the ropes. Short left on the inside lands for Vargas. Joval seems to have lost some steam. Big uppercut lands for Joval. Last ten seconds sees very little action. Vargas 10  Joval 9
Vargas 86  Joval 85

Round 10 - Final Round
Final Round starts with both combatants meeting at the center of the ring and the crowd screaming. Vargas circles the ring landing some big shots and picking his spots. Joval is moving forward and following Vargas while Vargas starts bouncing on his toes. Final 2 minutes of the round and Vargas seems the fresher of the 2 but Jovals workrate is still very high. Inside fighting has Joval landing more shots. Vargas misses a big lead right hand. Vargas with a pair of rights that land while he parrys Joval. Inside fighting has Vargas get the better of the exchange. Vargas lands a nice hook on the inside. Last thirty seconds and Joval is just throwing arm punches that do nothing. Vargas backs up. Last ten seconds has Vargas throw some heat but get caught with a nice shot going back. Crowd scream for Vargas. Vargas 10 Joval 9
Boxingtalk scorecard: Vargas 96 Joval 94


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