Round by Round: Quartey -vs- Phillips

By Will "AKay" Lassalle


Round by Round: Quartey -vs- Phillips

Round 1
Fight starts out with Phillips moving and Ike moving forward popping out a stiff jab. Ike lands a couple of body shots and gets hit with one by Phillips. Phillips lands a nice left hook that looks to have hurt Quartey momentarily. Phillips misses with a wild uppercut and is countered by Phillips. Phillips lands a right upstairs. And then lands a left hook that staggers Ike for a moment. 2 body shots then a right hand upstairs land for Phillips.

Phillips 10 Quartey 9

Round 2
Second round starts with Quartey looking to land to the body. A clinch is broken up by the ref and both fighters are cautious with Ike creeping in and Phillips throwing a feeler jab. Another clinch broken and Phillips lands a lead left hand after the break followed by a combo. Ike lands a good right hand and a counter 1-2 that stops Phillips assault of his own. Time is called by the ref after Phillips mouthpiece falls out. Both fighters are measuring each other. Ike lands a shot but then gets hit by 2 hooks upstairs from Phillips. Last 30 seconds has Ike popping out a jab but Verno is able to dart in and land shots. In the last 10 seconds an uppercut wobbles Quartey from Phillips. Phillips 10 Quartey 9

Phillips 20 Quartey 18

Round 3
Round 3 starts with Phillips throwing a straight right that hits gloves. Phillips is moving and throwing combinations while Quartey stalks. They exchange in the middle of the ring. Quartey lands a few body shots then 2 big shots upstairs. Ike is popping out the heralded jab more and even doubling it up now. Quartey 10 Phillips 9

Phillips 29 Quartey 28

Round 4
Round 4 starts off with both slugging. Phillips seems to have less movement and Quartey is landing more stiff jabs while coming forward. A jab is followed but a right hand by Ike. They clinch and are broken up. 2 body shots land for Ike on the inside. Nice right hand when Phillips drops his left hand. Phillips lands a 1-2 upstairs. Phillips jabs then clinches which is broken up. Last 10 seconds sees Phillips move around the ring and throw no punches. Quartey 10 Phillips 9

Phillips 38 Quartey 38

Round 5
The fifth starts out with a momentary time out. Ike starts out fast with the jab. Ike is jabbing a lot and catches Phillips darting in with a 1-2. Phillips lands a 1-2 to the body as he darts in. 2 left hooks land for Ike before the ref breaks up a clinch. Hard right hand lands for Quartey. Ike moves forward pumping out the jab. Ike is controlling the fight at this point. Quartey 10 Phillips 9

Quartey 48 Phillips 47

Round 6
Round 6 starts off with Phillips circling but Ike back to moving forward and jabbing but now mixing in some hooks upstairs. Quartey is dictating the pace of the fight now. Ike is moving forward landing some stiff jabs. Phillips is moving around the ring occasionally darting in trying to land shots. Last 10 seconds is more of the same.  Quartey 10 Phillips 9

Quartey 58 Phillips 56

Round 7
Round 7 starts out with Quartey moving forward and Phillips looking tired. Ike lands jabs and keeps walking down Phillips landing hard shot after hard shot. Phillips is throwing wild shots now.  On the inside Ike is getting the better of the exchanges and Phillips takes a big gulp of air. Ike moves forward and lands more jabs. Last 10 seconds has Phillips move away and do nothing. Quartey 10 Phillips 9

Quartey 68 Phillips 65

Round 8
The 8th starts with Ike throwing a bomb that misses. Phillips slips in the corner. And the ref says no knockdown. Quartey lands a big left hook but Phillips lands a big one of his own! Ike continues moving forward shooting out the jab. This time Ike falls down and it’s ruled a slip. Ike lands a small 1-2 on the inside. Ike blocks a big lead left hook from Phillips with his glove. After a clinch Ike goes back to stalking and shooting jabs.  Quartey 10 Phillips 9

Quartey 78 Phillips 74

Round 9
Round 9 starts off with Ike still popping out jabs and now throwing straight right hand leads to spice things up. Ref warns Quartey for a headlock during a clinch. After a clinch Ike misses a haymaker uppercut. Right hand over the top lands for Quartey. Quartey is now landing big shots against the ropes on Phillips. A big shot lands for Phillips that puts Quartey on the canvas!!! Ike immediately clinches after an 8 count then immediately clinches again and again. Phillips lands a few more shots upstairs and Ike looks hurt. They both exchange leather and Quartey lands big shots of his own! Phillips 10 Quartey 8

Quartey 86 Phillips 84

Round 10
Final round starts with Phillips being aggressive throwing hard shots. Nice 1-2 lands upstairs for Phillips. Phillips throwing and landing combinations. Ike is trying to re-establish his earlier dominance moving forward and jabbing. Phillips lands a few more shots upstairs while dancing around the ring. Uppercut lands for Phillips. Nice right hand lands for Quartey. Last 10 seconds has Ike land a big assault!!! Quartey 10 Phillips 9

Quartey 96 Phillips 93

Quartey UD10

Official scorecards were 95-94 (twice) and 96-93