Round by Round: Mormeck -vs- Braithwaite

By Will Lassalle


Round by Round: Mormeck -vs- Braithwaite

Braithwaite enters the ring first. Wayne’s entourage is carrying the flag of Guyana with them. Mormeck enters the ring second. Smaller entourage but he looks focused!!!  And under the jacket of Wayne? A shirt is revealed during the introductions!

Round 1
The fight starts with both fighters meeting in the middle of the ring and Braithwaite pumps out jabs. One Two from Wayne has Mormeck cover up in the corner but he steps to the side. Mormeck is throwing out feeler jabs. Wayne throws a body head combination that is mostly blocked by Mormeck. Wayne so far is the more active of the 2. Mormeck lands a nice counter right. Wayne is pumpin jabs and doing some damage to the body with shots. Wayne is against the ropes and Mormeck goes to work landing some good shots . Wayne digs a few body shots in the last 30 seconds. Last 10 seconds has Mormeck land 2 nice shots.

Wayne 10  Mormeck 9

Round 2
Round begins with little action for the first 15seconds but Wayne has come out southpaw. Right jabs are snapping out there for Wayne. Mormeck seems confused as he hasn’t thrown a punch until the 2:15 mark. Mormeck backs Wayne into the corner and lands some big shots one of which seems to have buzzed Braithwaite. Wayne is moving around the ring with Mormeck coming forward throwing hard punches. Big right hand upstairs lands for Mormeck. Wayne is moving around jabbing still in Southpaw stance. Last 20 seconds has Wayne throwing some flurries but not landing much. Mormeck 10 Wayne 9

Wayne 19  Mormeck 19

Round 3
Time called by the ref for a wet spot. Jean Marc lands a right hand and is backing Wayne against the ropes. Center of the ring has Wayne land some big body shots! Clinch by Wayne to get a breather it seems. Braithwaite is backing up and landing jabs. Ref warns Wayne for grabbing the back of Mormecks head. Wayne has some good body shots land in the middle of the ring but the ref issues a small warning for being low. Mormeck counters Wayne while he lands a body shot. Mormeck backs Wayne against the ropes and goes to work. Wayne fights back with body shots off the ropes.  Mormeck 10 Wayne 9

Wayne 28  Mormeck 29

Round 4
Round starts with both fighters meeting in the middle and Wayne popping jabs. Jean marc is sitting back looking for options. Wayne goes to the body then the head in the middle of the ring. Nice right uppercut lands right on the chin for Mormeck! Counter right lands for Wayne while backing up. Mormeck backs Wayne up to the ropes and fires away to the body and head landing uppercuts as well. Its obvious Jean Marc wants to get Wayne against the ropes and tee off on him. Last 10 seconds has Wayne land and throw some flurries. Wayne 10  Mormeck 9

Wayne 38  Mormeck 38

Round 5
Round starts much like most of the others little action except for feeler jabs from Wayne. Jean marc comes forward till he backs up Wayne and lands a nice straight right. Center of the ring action and Jean marc lands some good heavy shots upstairs. Ref breaks up a clinch and warns Wayne for an elbow. Jean Marc lands a few shots and backs Wayne up against the ropes again where he tees off on Wayne. Braithwaite is in trouble and holds on! Wayne stays against the ropes and tries some flurries to get Mormeck off of him. Big left lands for Jean Marc. Wayne looks to be in survival mode just holding every chance he gets. Mormeck 10 Wayne 9

Mormeck 48 Wayne 47

Round 6
Round starts with Wayne looking level headed and staying in the middle of the ring pumping out jabs out of the southpaw stance. Jen marc prods forward and backs Wayne up again where he lands a big combo upstairs and Wayne clinches. Jean Marc has Wayne against the ropes again and lands a nice uppercut then a 1 2!! Mormeck stalks Wayne and gets him against the ropes where Wayne tries to keep him off him with hard body shots that land. Wayne clinches again and the fight moves to the center of the ring. Mormeck lands a good left hook in the center and once again Wayne clinches. Final 10 seconds has Wayne land some big shots and a big right hook! Mormeck 10 Wayne 9

Mormeck 58 Wayne 56

Round 7
Round starts off with Wayne looking like he has a second wind and lands some big shots to the body. Body then Head and Wayne is landing thunder!!! Jean Marc does his work against the ropes. And huge right hand by Jean Marc puts Wayne down!!!
Wayne gets up and tries to clinch. Mormeck is trying to end it! Jean marc is teeing off against the ropes! Wayne clinches again and is broken up by the ref. Wayne is in survival mode and is warned by the ref for holding. Jean Marc tees off again against the ropes on Wayne. Last 10 seconds and Wayne survives the round! Mormeck 10 Wayne 8  1 extra point for the knockdown

Mormeck 68 Wayne 64

Round 8
Round starts with Mormeck stalking Wayne! Jean marc lands a big shot when Wayne is against the ropes. 2 right hands land for Mormeck. Wayne is moving around the ring popping out jabs. 1 point deducted from Wayne for holding excessively. Mormeck lands a big right and backs up Wayne right after the deduction. Wayne is landing some nice counter shots. What a rally! What a fight! Mormeck is getting tagged by big shots from Wayne. Wayne stole the round. Wayne 9 Mormeck 9   Wayne loses a point for excessive holding.

Mormeck 77 Wayne 73

Round 9
Round 9 starts with Jean marc landing some big shots against the ropes on Wayne. Wayne fights back and clinches once again. Mormeck lands big body shots on Wayne against the ropes. Mormeck lands a shot upstairs after a clinch. Wayne was in the southpaw and switched back to conventional. The round was slow paced compared to earlier rounds. Mormeck 10 Wayne 9

Mormeck 87 Wayne 82

Round 10
Round starts with Wayne moving forward and throwing a 1 2 that moves Mormeck back. Wayne is the fighter coming forward now with Jean Marc backing up and not doing much. Wayne is moving forward and popping out jabs that land. Mormeck sneaks a right hand but Wayne has distance and is moving forward. Tides have turned as Jean marc is against the ropes now and Wayne is teeing off. Wayne still coming forward and landing big shots upstairs. Wayne seems to have his legs under him and even ducks out of the way of a big shot by Mormeck. Wayne slips another big shot by Jean Marc. Nice 1 2 lands right before Wayne’s back touched the ropes. Center of the ring and in a right handed stance has Wayne doing more damage and landing some big body shots. Shot by Mormeck staggers Wayne in the final 10. Wayne 10 Mormeck 9

Mormeck 96 Wayne 92

Round 11
Round 11 starts with Wayne prodding forward and Jean Marc backing up seemingly inviting Wayne to mix it up. Middle of the ring action has Wayne landing jabs and small 1 2 combos before clinches. Mormeck lands 2 hard jabs in the center of the ring. 1 2 combo lands for Mormeck. Wayne backs Mormeck against the ropes and lands a few shots upstairs. Wayne backs Mormec up against the ropes. Center of the ring again has Mormeck land a few stiff jabs. Mormeck 9 Wayne 10

Mormeck 105 Wayne 102

Round 12
Wayne is coming out aggressive seeking a KO. Jean Marc has a bounce to his step and moves around the ring. Wayne backs up Jean Marc against the ropes as he is staying away from Wayne. Wayne is coming forward still looking for a KO. Mormeck gets Wayne against the ropes and lands some big bombs! Wayne is forced to clinch. Wayne does a dance in the middle of the ring to taunt Mormeck. Wayne lands and throws some big shots upstairs. Last 20 seconds has Wayne come forward and Mormeck stay away. The bell sounds end of fight. Momeck 10 Wayne 9

Mormeck 115 Wayne 111