Round by Round: Mayweather -vs- Gatti

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Mayweather -vs- Gatti

The crowd chants "Gatti, Gatti, Gatti" before either fighter begins their entrance. As expected, Lampley informs us that they do not have their unofficial weights tonight. Pretty Boy Floyd enters to "Another One Bites The Dust" with gladiators carrying him out on their shoulders. Wow! Shades of an Apollo Creed performance. The crowd boos. Mayweather's rockin' the black and white fur. The crowd spots Gatti and they erupt. Thunderstruck begins to play as fire explodes behind Gatti. Gatti enters the ring and the crowd erupts.

Round 1
Gatti comes out jabbing. Mayweather lands a quick left. Gatti jabbing to the body. Mayweather lands a right, left combo. Another right strafes Gatti. Gatti lands an uppercut. Gatti's eye is already red. Gatti missing to the body. Mayweather rollin'. Left hook lands for Mayweather. Gatti misses with a slow right. Left jab lands for Gatti though. Mayweather lands a left while the ref talks to him. Gatti looks away and Mayweather lands a left that puts Gatti down. Gatti wasn't looking as he thought the ref was going to break them up. Knockdown counts. Round to Mayweather.

Mayweather 10 Gatti 8

Round 2
Gatti comes out pawing the jab. Mayweather lands two quick left hooks. Mayweather lands a flurry. Gatti takes it. Gatti misses with a big left and Mayweather makes him pay with two quick hooks. Mayweather peppers him again with three punches. The speed difference is evident. Gatti lands his first good body shot. Mayweahter wobbles him with the jab. Left hook stuns Gatti. Big right lnads for Mayweather...and another. Too much speed. Big left lands for Mayewather. Gatti's eyes already swelling. Jab landing easily for Mayweather. Big left hook lands for Mayweahter. HUGE left hook lands for Mayweather. Gatti not doing anything. Huge right lands for Mayweather. Round to Mayweather...almost a 10-8 round.

Mayweather 20 Gatti 17

Round 3
Gatti meets him at the center of the ring. Huge left lands for Mayweather. Right lands for Mayweather. Left lands for Mayweather. Everything landing for Mayweather. Gatti lands a low blow. They trade jabs. Left hook partially blocked...but the right lands for Mayweather. Mayweather looks really sharp tonight. Stiff jab lands for Mayweather. Gatti lands a right on the back of Mayweather's head. Jab is raking Gatti's face. Big right lands for Mayweather when the crowd starts to chant for Gatti. And another. Gatti misses wildly. Gatti misses wildly again while Mayweather slips away. Round to Mayweather.

Mayweather 30 Gatti 27

Round 4
Mayweather goes back to the jab. Gatti gets him against the ropes but Mayweather rolls out of the way. Mayweather lands a right. Jab lands for Mayweather. Hard right lands for Mayweather. Five punch combo lands for Mayweather. Getting rough in there for Gatti. Another right lands for Mayweather...hard body shot lands for Mayweather. Gatti getting tattooed. Hard right lands for Mayweahter. Gatti misses. Left eye closing for Gatti. Hard left, right lands for Mayweather. Round to Mayweather.

Mayweather 40 Gatti 36

Round 5
In between rounds, Gatti could be heard saying "Fuck man" to Buddy McGirt. Mayewather back to the jab. Gatti lands a body shot. Gatti lands a left to the body again. Mayweather just touching him. Jab...jab...jab. Left, right combo lands for Mayweather. Gatti misses. Mayweather just going on the defensive. Looking to counter. Lands a right hook. Hard body shot lands for Mayweather...followed by a straight right to the head. Another combo lands for Floyd. Hard right lands for Floyd. Another right lands for Mayweather...two more rights lands at the end of the bell. Round to Mayweather.

Mayweather 50 Gatti 45

Round 6
Gatti misses to start the round. Starts to hurky jerk his way on the inside...lands a body shot. Mayweather back to the jab. Left hook lands for Mayweather...and a right. Hard left to the body for Mayweather...and another....Gatti is hurt. Body shot hurt him. Mayweather focusing on the body. Lands a right to the head. Hard left lands for Mayweather...three straight rights land. EVERYTHING landing for Maywather. Perhaps they should stop it. Another right...three left hooks land...Mayweather unloads on him. Gatti still standing. Roy Jones just said, "it reminds me of the Roy Jones - Pazienza fight." Floyd lands another right...HUGE left lands for Maywahter. Gatti just covers up in the middle of the ring. That was bad. They should stop it. They stop it. It's over. Mayweather wins. McGirt mercifully stopped it. Gatti was done.

Mayweather TKO6