Round by Round: Maussa -vs- Harris

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Maussa -vs- Harris

Wow. Was it me, or did they just appear in the ring like magic?  I don't even remember seeing the ring walk. Must be the beer.

Round 1
They meet at the center of the ring. Vivian lands a huge right hand that stuns Maussa. They clinch and Harris throws him to the ground. Harris is swinging big and wild. A right lands for Maussa, but a bigger right lands for Harris. Maussa looks fatigued already. Maussa throwing but most of the punches are blocked. Nice combo lands for Maussa...Harris is dead tired now. Maussa lands a left right combo. Harris isn't throwing. Maussa landing to the body and head. Harris misses a left and looks exhausted. Round to Maussa.

Maussa 10 Harris 9

Round 2
Awkward combo lands for Maussa. Big right hand lands for Harris. Another big right lands for Harris. Maussa lands a right of his own. Good body shots land for Harris. Huge left hook lands for Harris, but Maussa fires 5 punches back of his own (most of them not landing flush). Left hook lands for Harris. Vicious right hands land for Harris. Maussa weathers the storm. Round to Harris.

Maussa 19 Harris 19

Round 3
Harris lands a HUGE left hook to start the round. Maussa took it well. Harris lands two more huge hooks. Maussa still standing. Maussa throwing combos. Harris is cut. Harris looks exhausted again. Good body shot lands for Harris. Missing wildly now. Maussa backing up...slipping punches. Harris lands a short left hook. Maussa still pawing away with the jab. Maussa lands a 1-2. Maussa is cut as well. Tough round to score...Maussa was more active though. Round to Maussa. Harris looks exhausted as he walks to his corner.

Maussa 29 Harris 28

Round 4
They trade lefts at the center of the ring. Harris lands a right. Left hook for Maussa partially blocked by Harris. Harris looks like he's settling down. Left hook and a straight right lands for Harris. Maussa lands a big hook to the body that bends Harris over. Right hand lands for Maussa as Harris is resting. Maussa sort of clowns Harris as he smiles at him in the center of the ring watching Vivian rest. Huge right hand lands for Maussa...Harris wobbles, but gets a break as the ref picks up his mouthpiece. Manny takes his time to put the mouthpiece in....stalling! Vivian lands a right hook counter at the end of the round. Another awkward round...but Harris landed the bigger shots early. Round to Harris.

Maussa 38 Harris 38

Round 5
Harris lands a big left hook. Maussa lands a low blow that goes unseen. Maussa lands a right. Harris rests again and Maussa just watches him rest. Neither man doing anything now. Maussa just walking around the ring. Harris jabs...looks like he's decided to box now. Maussa swings and misses. Harris lands a counter. Maussa misses with the 1-2. Harris backpedals.  Not much action, but round to Harris.

Maussa 47 Harris 48

Round 6
Harris goes back to firing the jab. Lands a counter right as Maussa stalks. Good body shot lands for Harris. Left hook lands to the body for Harris. Harris up on his toes now. Misses with a counter right. Maussa lands a looping right. And another. Maussa landing a lot now while Harris looks exhausted. Maussa lands a clubbing right. 2 more land for Maussa behind the head. An uppercut lands for Maussa. Harris looks gassed. Round to Maussa.

Maussa 57 Harris 57

Round 7
Maussa lands a HUGE left hook that puts Harris down. It's over. He's spent. Harris doesn't beat the count. Maussa wins. Maussa knocks him out with a huge left hook in the center of the ring.

Maussa KO7