Round by Round: Marquez -vs- Mabuza

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Marquez -vs- Mabuza

Silence "African Spice" Mabuza enters first sporting some orange hair...shades of Mayorga when he faced Trinidad. Looks relaxed...maybe too relaxed. Marquez enters next. Looks focused.

Round 1
There's the bell. Both men come out jabbing. They trade jabs. Marquez looking to land the uppercut. Marquez lands a jab to the body. Mabuza lands a short right. Marquez answers with a left hook. Body shot lands for Marquez. Both men being cautious. Mabuza lands a jab. Marquez lands a body shot that's a little low. They trade lefts. Mabuza lands a hard right hand. Marquez lands an uppercut. Oooooohhhh.....Marquez lands a HARD left hook that stuns Mabuza as he staggers to the canvas. Mabuza is down. He's back up and takes the count. Marquez looks to finish him off. Not much time left. Marquez lands a three punch combo that rocks Mabuza again as he turns his back to Marquez to end the round. Round to Marquez.

Marquez 10 Mabuza 8

Round 2

Mabuza slow to come out of his corner. Mabuza still looks buzzed. Marquez lands an overhand right. Mabuza working the jab and trying to shake off the cobwebs. Left hook to the body and an uppercut lands for Marquez. Mabuza lands a jab. Marquez lands a harder one. Mabuza fires a 4 punch combo that gets the attention of Marquez. Left hook lands for Marquez. They trade jabs. Mabuza throwing more combos now. Marquez just stalking. They trade on the inside. Marquez misses a wild left hook. Ohhhh...4 punch combo lands for Marquez. Hard left lands for Marquez. Mabuza lands a left of his own. Marquez fires a left, right combo to end the round. Round to Marquez.

Marquez 20 Mabuza 17

Round 3

Marquez fires the jab. Mabuza circles. Mabuza jumps in and lands a left hook. Marquez works the body. Marquez landing stiff jabs...making Mabuza's head snap back. Marquez lands a right hand to the back of the head. Mabuza pressing the action and walks into a left hand. They trade jabs. Mabuza lands a nice right hand to the head. Marquez fires back with three of his own, but Mabuza looks unfazed. Hard body shot lands for Marquez. Big lead right hand lands for Marquez. Woah...they trade big shots in the center of the ring to end the round. Round to Marquez, but Mabuza is stepping it up more. Mabuza has two over his right eye and one on the cheek under his left eye.

Marquez 30 Mabuza 26

Round 4

Both men start jabbing to begin the round. Ref takes a small break to let the doctor take a look at the cuts. Back to action. Marquez continues to work the body. Mabuza lands a short left hook. They trade in the center of the ring. Mabuza starting to land a little more. Mabuza staying more busy now...landing more combos while Marquez looks to pick his shots. Mabuza just switched to southpaw. Another stop so the doctor can look at the cuts. Oh no...that's it. They stop the fight. Boooooooooo!

Marquez TKO4

Due to the refs ruling that the cut was caused by a punch, Marquez wins via TKO. Instant replays showed, however, that the cut was actually created from headbutt.