Round by Round: Margarito -vs- Gomez

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Margarito -vs- Gomez

Gomez enters first. Smiles to the crowd...looks confident as he enters the ring. Margarito enters next and looks focused and ready.

Round 1
There's the bell. Margarito's defense looks tight. Gomez works the jab...lands two. Looping right hand by Margarito partially blocked. Nice left hook lands for Margarito...and a big right hand lands. They trade jabs. Another big right hands snaps the head back of Gomez. Left hook lands for Gomez. Another left hook lands for Gomez. HUGE right hand lands for Margarito and down goes Gomez. He's out. That's it...he spits out the mouthpiece while he's on the canvas. It's over.

Margarito KO1