Round by Round: Margarito -vs- Cintron

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Margarito -vs- Cintron

Kermit "The Killer" Cintron enters first and he looks focused! Waves to the crowd and is pumped up to get the fight started. Margarito enters next...smiling and waving to the crowd. Takes a long, slow walk to the ring.

Round 1
It's on! They meet at the center. Cintron works the jab. They trade jabs. Margarito connects with a left. Cintron just misses with the left. Margarito lands a stiff jab. Both men are cautious. Cintron lands a left. Margarito fires to the body. Again. They trade jabs. Sloppy combination from Margarito partially lands. Cintron is short with his punches. Margarito grazes with a right at the end of the round. Round to Margarito.

Margarito 10 Cintron 9

Round 2
Cintron fires the jab. Right from Cintron is blocked. Margarito lands a stiff right. Left hook up top lands for Margarito. Cintron lands a short right. Hard body shot by Margarito. They trade jabs. Both miss with big rights. Margarito landing good body shots. Hard right, left combo lands for Margarito. Cintron lands a big right. The two swing and trade. Left lands for Cintron. Margairto showing some defense. Lands a right. Cintron's punches are a little off target. Round to Margarito.

Margarito 20 Cintron 18

Round 3
They hold and punch each other on the inside. Margarito lands hard body shots. Another good body shot by Margarito. Roughhousing on the inside. Short right lands for Margarito. They wrestle on the inside. Cintron paws with the jab. Lands a right. Margarito lands a bomb. Jumps on top of Cintron. He's cut. Cintron is cut...caused from a punch. Margarito throwing bombs. Cintron lands a right. Margarito lands a looping right. Cintron holds on. Good uppercut form Cintron. Margarito lands a bomb. Cintron looks hurt. The bell ends the round. Big round for Margarito.

Margarito 30 Cintron 27

Round 4
Cintron paws with the jab. Lands a left. Margarito showing good defense. Lands a right. They trade jabs. Margarito stalks. Cintron throws a pawing flurry. Body shot lands for Margarito. Cintron wobbles. Margarito hurts him to the head. Cintron goes down. The KILLER GOES DOWN. A minute left. Margarito lands a big right hand. Cintron goes down again. Another knockdown. Cintron lands a big right. Margarito takes it well. Margarito stalks. Lands a right. Cintron holds on and survives. Huge round for Margarito. 10-7 round!

Margarito 40 Cintron 34

Round 5
Margarito works behind the jab. Cintron coming forward. Margarito lets his hands go...lands a right, left, right combo. Cintron holds on. Margarito lands a good body shot. Cintron is tired. Margarito drops him with a big right. Cintron is down again. Up at nine. Margarito just stalks. Cintron looking to hold on but just falls down from being tired. Cintrons corner stops the fight. It's over. It's over. Too much experience. Cintron is crying in the corner.

Margarito TKO5