Round by Round: Klitschko -vs- Byrd

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Klitschko -vs- Byrd

The challenger, Wladimir Klitschko, enters first. Fire explodes and a curtain reveals the big man. The crowd roars loudly. Byrd enters next to the sound of boos. There's an odd tension in the something is just a little off. Perhaps it's just the time of the fight. "Meine Damen und Herren....LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEE"

Round 1
There's the bell. Wladimir charges to Byrd's corner and fires a jab. Byrd lands a jab to the body. Both men pawing a bit. Byrd goes after the body as Wladimir retreats. More pawing with the jab from Klitschko. Byrd lands a left to the body. Chants of Klitschko begin to fill the arena. Wladimir lands two stiff jabs. Another stiff jab lands for Wladimir. Byrd fires and lands another jab to the body. 1-2 lands for Byrd. Both men trade hard body shots. Wladimir still pawing with the jab. Byrd gets in close and Wladimir holds on. Wladimir slaps down with his jab...appears to be an illegal slap. Byrd is a little frustrated with it. Not much from either man...a suprisingly cautious round for the big guy. Just about even, but I'll give the champ the benefit of the doubt. Round to Byrd.

Byrd 10 Klitschko 9

Round 2
More pawing from both men. Wladimir looks a little worried when Byrd gets inside. Wladimir lands a jab and a left hook. Byrd looks like he's waiting to counter. Hard right hand from Klitschko lands, but Byrd took it well. Byrd is stalking as Klitschko retreats. Wladimir working the jab and mvoing a lot. Another right hand lands from Wladimir and Byrd sticks out his toungue. Byrd still stalking, trying ot get inside. Another right hand lands for Klitschko. 1-2 lands for Klitschko and Byrd lands a 1-2 to the body himself. Byrd talking a lot of smack as he continues to walk Klitschko down. Round to Wladimir, but Byrd looks like he's unimpressed with the big man.

Byrd 19 Klitschko 19

Round 3
Klitschko fires the jab as Byrd gets inside and starts working the body. Klitschko ties him up and gets a quick warning from the ref. Jab lands for Wladimir. They trade jabs. Wladimir staying pretty active. Byrd gets inside again and Klitschko ties him up quickly. good jab to the body lands for Byrd. Two more body shots land for Byrd as Wladimir looks to tie up again. Right hand for Klitschko lands. Byrd works the body again as Wladimir is content to tie up. Byrd still looks unimpressed with Waldimir as he startes to complain about the holding. Hard 1-2 lands for Wladimir. Another 1-2 lands for Klitschko as Byrd continues to talk smack and walk into the oncoming fire. Wooo...big right hand just misses for Wlaidimir. Byrd continues to walk him down, but he's eating a lot of leather. His eye is already beginning to swell. Good round for Wladimir, but can he keep up this pace.

Byrd 28 Klitsckho 29

Round 4
Wladimir pawing with the jab again as Byrd looks to get inside. Quick jab lands for Klitschko. Byrd lands two jabs of his own. Hard left to the body lands for Byrd, but Wladimir follows with a nice 1-2 of his own. Another right hand lands for Wladimir. They trade rights. Another hard right lands for Klitschko...and another lands as Byrd walks right into it. Round to Klitschko as Byrd can't get any work done on the inside when Klitschko ties him up.

Byrd 37 Klitschko 39

Round 5
Wladimir content to work behind the jab. Three jabs lands for Klitschko. Byrd lands a quick jab. Woooooooooooooooo...HUGE 1-2 drops Byrd. Wooooooooo. Byrd is up, but he is rocked. Wow. Klitschko jumps on him. Byrd against the ropes. Klitschko landning a lot. Wow.....Klitschko landing even more. Byrd is geting rocked with everyhting, but he's still standing. Byrd eats another big right hand. Klitschko still landing a lot. The crowd chants. 1-2 lands for Klitsckho, but Byrd wants more. HUGE round for Wladimir. I'm stunned that Byrd is still on his feet.

Byrd 45 Klitschko 49

Round 6
1-2 lands for Klitschko again. Another stiff jab lands for Wlad. Hard right hand lands for Wladimir as Byrd just eats it. Klitschko landing the jab at will. Byrd just follows and continues to eat right hands. Stiff jab snaps Byrd's head back. And another. Hard right lands for Klitsckho. Byrd walks into another jab. Round to Wladimir.

Byrd 54 Klitschko 59

Round 7
Byrd a little slow to get off his stool. Klitschko meets him in his corner to start the round. More jabs from Klitschko landing. Woooo...another HUGE right lands for Klitschko that drops Byrd. Byrd is up, but the ref had seen enough. Wow...that's it. Byrd's face is a bloody mess. Klitschko rocked and dropped him with a clean right hand.

Klitschko TKO7