Round by Round: Hatton -vs.- Tszyu

By Will Lassalle


Round by Round: Hatton -vs.- Tszyu

Ricky Hatton TKO11 Kostya Tszyu...

Round 1

Fight begins with a quick clinch. Hatton comes forward and we have a little wrestling in the offset. Another clinch is broken up by the ref. Hatton comes forward throwing big shots jabbing his way in close. Infighting has Hatton land a body shot followed by a left hand upstairs. Shot behind the head by Hatton is followed by a warning. More clinches and hitting off the breaks. Ref calls time to talk to both fighters about the rough house tactics. Hatton lands a few shots and a short hookercut on Kostya. Kostya lands a small hook but Hatton keeps coming forward. Last 10 seconds has inside fighting and uppercuts landing by Kostya.

Hatton 10 Kostya 9

Round 2
Round 2 starts with Kostya trying to land a big hook that misses. Ref cautions once again and after the caution Hatton is back to work throwing punches in bunches! Hatton smothers Kostya against the ropes. Hatton lands a big body shot against the ropes. Off the ropes, Kostya lands a few sharp uppercuts. Back to the center of the ring and Hatton throws a few jabs before another clinch ensues. Against the ropes again and Kostya lands a nice counter with Hatton missing a few shots afterwards. Hatton lands a few shots followed by a nice uppercut against the ropes. The ref breaks up the fight against the ropes and Hatton goes back to work. Hatton fires big shots misses but a clinch again. Final 10 seconds has Hatton landing a nice body shot then clinches Kostya in the corner.  Hatton 10 Kostya 9

Hatton 20 Kostya 18

Round 3
Round begins with a big shot from Kostya with an immediate clinch afterwards. Ref breaks it up and catches Hatton coming in with a right hand. More clinching and after the break Hatton throws a few more punches upstairs. Infighting with Kostya throwing body shots and uppercuts. Hatton lands with a hook upstairs after a clinch followed by another clinch. Clinch is broken up and Hatton comes forward with Kostya forcing a clinch when Hatton gets close enough. Left hook to the body by Kostya lands flush. Hatton pas him back with a big hook to the body in the center of the ring. Last 10 seconds and Kostya lands a few shots to the head. Kostya 10 Hatton 9

Hatton 29 Kostya 28

Round 4
Round 4 starts with a big right hand that misses from Kostya and an immediate clinch. They infight around the ring before the ref breaks it up. Hatton comes forward and walks into a big counter from Kostya. More clinching. Ref is getting his moneys worth. Strong body shot after a clinch by Hatton. Off of a clinch both fighters land shots. Ref breaks up another clinch. Kostya tags Hatton with a right hand coming in.  More body shots land for Hatton against the ropes. Kostya lands a counter shot as Hatton come in. Hatton lands a nice lead straight right coming in. Followed by another clinch and the end of the round. Hatton 10 Kostya 9

Hatton 39 Kostya 37

Round 5
Round starts with both winging shots. Hatton lands a big hook while Kostya counters with one as well. Hatton stumbles over his feet and gathers himself before they end up in another clinch. Hatton lands a few combinations during the infighting. Another clinch after the clinch Hatton darts in and back out landing a jab or 2 in the process. Kostya lands a counter right as Hatton comes in that doesn’t faze Ricky. Another clinch at the 1 minute mark and they free up and Ricky lands a flush hook upstairs. Kostya misses and another clinch. More clinching and Ricky lands a big hook to the body after the break. Last 10 seconds sees more of the same a clinch that’s broken up. Hatton 10 Kostya 9

Hatton 49 Kostya 46

Round 6
Round 6 begins in the center of the ring with Kostya looking and missing a big right hand. Hatton throws some heavy pressure at Kostya that pushes him back against the ropes. More infighting in a clinch and after the break from the ref Kostya looks for the counter while Ricky comes forward. Kostya backs up and counters while Ricky moves forward then smothers Kostya. Hatton digs 2 big body shots during a clinch. Kostya catches Hatton coming forward again with a right hand. Middle of the ring action and Kostya jabbing and right handing Hatton before he moves forward. Ref breaks up another clinch. Kostya roughing up Hatton more during clinches and pushing Hatton Off to land counters. Kostya 10 Hatton 9

Hatton 58 Kostya 56

Round 7
Round begins after a short delay with Kostya trying to land a big shot as Hatton pounces forward. Infighting has more of the same body shots landing for both fighters and the ref breaking it up again. Hatton breaks away from the clinch and lands a few shots upstairs. Center of the ring and Kostya is backing up and picking Hatton off with counter punches. Right hand upstairs lands for Ricky Hatton! After a break a straight hand lands for Kostya flush! To me he looks like he hurt his hand with that shot. Hatton goes down from a low blow that is ruled a slip and waved off. Hatton comes right back after the lull in action. A clinch is broken up by the ref and Kostya is playing matador side stepping and landing shots. Kostya 10 Hatton 9

Hatton 67 Kostya 66

Round 8
Round starts with both fighters missing big hooks and an immediate clinch. With shots landed by both fighters in the inside. Ref breaks it up and another clinch right after. Hatton lands a big left hook off the clinch that buzzes Kostya. Hatton steps back and darts forward with a right hand. Ref breaks up a clinch and Kostya counters Hatton coming in. Big hookercut lands for Hatton coming in. Kostya has Hatton in a head lock which is broken up by the ref. Counter right lands for Kostya! Center of the ring action has Kostya land some more counter shots while Hatton moves forward. Kostya 10 Hatton 9

Hatton 76  Kostya 76

Round 9
Round starts with Kostya coming out swinging! Hatton counters to the body and lands a few uppercuts on the inside. Another clinch that is broken up by the ref. Center of the ring and Hatton lands a big shot.  They trade right hands that Hatton seems to get the better of. Hatton comes forward and gets caught with a counter. Kostya gets warned for a low blow. After the low blow Hatton lands a big body shot that puts Kostya down! It’s ruled a low blow!! Kostya gets a breather!! Kostya shakes head to the ref when asked if ok so he gets to take a break! Fight resumes with Hatton landing a nice uppercut and then rushes forward with some big shots! End of round. Hatton 10 Kostya 9

Hatton 86 Kostya 85

Round 10
Round starts with a big shot landing for Kostya and Hatton pursues him to land a shot upstairs of his own. Hatton lands a lunging hook off of a break from the ref. Hatton comes forward and is countered some more by Kostya. Kostya looks tired! Hatton comes forward with more pressure a clinch against the ropes. Another clinch in the middle of the ring and Hatton lands a few shots upstairs then some body shots. Kostya backs up and picks off Hatton coming in before a clinch ensues. Clinch broken up by the ref and they exchange jabs. Another clinch broken up that sees Kostya land a right hand and Hatton goes to work in the corner landing big shots on Kostya! Kostya counters Hatton with a 1-2 coming in. Hatton lands a right hand at the bell. Hatton 10 Kostya 9

Hatton 96 Kostya 94

Round 11
Next to final round begins with Kostya missing a big right hand. Hatton comes forward with more pressure and lands some shots that push Kostya back.  Kostya moves backwards picking off Hatton with many shots! Another clinch and Hatton lands some shots with Kostya throwing multiple body shots. Hatton throws a body shot then head locks Kostya. Another clinch broken up by the ref. Final minute of the round and Hatton misses a big shot then is countered by Kostya. Kostya looks tired and has his mouth wide open but still counters shots from Hatton. Last 30 has Kostya take 2 shots upstairs after a clinch from Hatton. Final 10 has little action. Hatton 10 Kostya 9

Hatton 106 Kostya 103

Round 12
Final Round! Kostya doesn’t come out for the 12th!!! It’s over! Hatton wins by TKO

Hatton TKO11