Round by Round: Cotto -vs- Torres

By Ben "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Cotto -vs- Torres

Torres comes out first. Appears to be focused. Cotto enters next. As usual, he looks pissed. Torres looks like a kid. Cotto looks bigger.

Round 1
They meet in the center of the ring. Cotto fires the jab and stalks. Torres misses with a right. Cotto lands a left to the body. The crowd begins to chant already...Cotto, Cotto, Cotto. Torres retreats. Cotto lands the jab. Cotto lands a short left hook that drops Torres. Torres is up in a hurry. Cotto patiently stalks. Fires the jab. Torres lands a left hook. They trade. Torres wobbles Cotto. Cotto is rocked. Torres lands an uppercut. Cotto works behind the jab. Cotto lands a right to end the round. Round to Cotto, but he better be careful because it appears as though the little kid can pop.

Cotto 10 Torres 8

Round 2
Torres lands a hook to the body. They trade in the corner. Torres rocks Cotto. He's hurt. Torres landing a lot. Cotto is rocked. He retreats. Cotto is wobbled. Torres still landing big. Torres lands a big right. Cotto on the defensive. Torres lands a right. Cotto lands nothing. Torres rocks him again and Cotto is about to drop. Cotto has nothing in him. Torres drops him with a right that was more of a push. Cotto protests. Torres lands another big left hook.  Torres is chasing, but gets rocked with a striaght right from Cotto. Now Cotto is landing. Torres is rocked. They're trading shots. Cotto retreating, but landing. Torres stalks and walks into another. Cotto lands a big right hand to end the round. Big round for Torres, but Cotto fights back and is still standing.

Cotto 18 Torres 18

Round 3

They meet at the center. They trade hooks. Cotto stalks. Torres retreats. Cotto lands a right. Torres lands a 4 punch combo. They trade left hooks. Cotto lands a left to the body. Another left lands to the body that the ref thought was a little low. Torres milks it and takes a break in the corner. Torres lands a short right. Cotto lands a left to the body that appears to hurt Torres. The ref warns Cotto again for a low blow as Torres complains. Cotto lands a right and a left to the body. Cotto targeting the left hook to the body. Cotto lands a 4 punch combo. Left, right lands for Cotto...and a big left lands for Cotto. Left to the body lands. A left hook lands low for Cotto, but the ref misses it. Cotto lands a left, right to the head and he throws Torres down to the ground to end the round. Round to Cotto.

Cotto 28 Torres 27

Round 4

Cotto lands a left to start the round. Torres is beginning to slow down. Cotto stalking behind the jab. Jab, jab lands for Cotto. Torres just covering up. Cotto landing a lot. They trade jabs. Cotto lands a right to the body. Torres retreats, but fires the jab. Cotto lands a left hook to the body that looks low. Torres goes down and the ref scores it knockdown. Round to Cotto.

Cotto 38 Torres 35

Round 5

Torres rocks Cotto with an uppercut. Cotto retreats. Rocks him again with a right hand as Cotto holds on. Torres rocks him with another straight right as Cotto retreats. Cotto gettin hit with everything right now, but is still standing. Torres lands a left hook that wobbles Cotto. Cotto pushes Torres down to the ground to bide more time. Torres gets up and proceeds to batter Cotto smoe more. Cotto retreats. Big round for Torres.

Cotto 46 Torres 45

Round 6

Torres looks a little tired. Cotto stalks as Torres retreats. Torres lands an uppercut. Cotto goes back to the body. Cotto fires the jab. Torres lands a right. Cotto lands a left...and another big left hook lands for Cotto. Torres retreats. A right lands for Cotto. Cotto works the jab as Torres just retreats. They trade jabs. Cotto continues to stalk. Torres lands a left, but Cotto drops him with a big straight right that makes Torres look like Mr. Fantastic. Torres gets up and the round ends.

Cotto 56 Torres 53

Round 7

Torres retreats, but lands a huge right hand that wobbles Cotto. They trade punches. Cotto gets rocked again and decides to retreat. Cotto fires the jab. Lands a right that has Torres holding on. Cotto back to stalking. Torres back to retreating. Cotto misses with an uppercut but lands a huge combination that drops Torres again. Torres slumps to the canvas. The ref reaches 7, 8, 9...Torres rises at the last second, but it's over...the ref reaches 10. Torres was done. Cotto wins. Damn good fight.

Miguel Cotto KO7