Round by Round: Chavez -vs- Robinson

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Chavez -vs- Robinson

Ivan Robinson enters first to a relatively quiet crowd. The legend, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., enters next...lead out to the ring by his son, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. The crowd roars as the fireworks go off. Chavez pumps his first in the air as he enters the ring...taking it all in. The crowd erupts. Boos for Ivan Robinson as he's announced to the crowd (although he did beat Gatti twice). The crowd roars as they announce Chavez.

Round 1
Robinson comes out jabbing. Chants for Chavez immediately. Chavez just circles on the outside...hasn't thrown a punch yet. Now he fires the jab. Robinson working behind his jab. Chavez misses with a big left hook. Right hand lands for Chavez. Robinson firing the jab. Chavez throws a wide left that's blocked. Chavez digs two rights to the body. They trade jabs. Robinson lands a few more jabs. Robinson retreats. Chavez lands a hard left to the head at the end of the bell that stuns Robinson. I'll give that round to Robinson just because Chavez didn't really do anything, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone gave it to Chavez on the strength of his name.

Chavez 9 Robinson 10

Round 2
Robinson goes back to jabbing. Lands a good uppercut. Chavez fires hard to the body. Robinson trhowing flurries. Lays against the ropes while Chavez does work....most of the punches blocked though. Chavez goes to the body. Digs an uppercut. Robinson spins Chavez and lands a good combination. Goes back to firing the jab. Chavez lands a hard left to the head. Round to Chavez...but I don't know, I think Robinson could have taken that round as he landed a good combination to end the round.

Chavez 19 Robinson 19

Round 3
Robinson goes back to jabbing. Chavez lands a hard shot that staggers Robinson. Chavez doesn't capitalize though. Chavez lands two good shots to the body. Robinson goes back to jabbing. Chavez landing some heavy shots. Good right to the body...and a big uppercut lands for Chavez. Robinson fires back. Lands an uppercut. Chavez counters with a 1-2 combo. Hard body shots land for Chavez. They trade hooks to end the round. Round to Chavez, but this is quietly turning out to be a pretty good scrap.

Chavez 29 Robinson 28

Round 4
Chavez lands a right and two lefts to start the round. Robinson back to jabbing. Chavez lands three left hooks...1 to the head and 2 to the body. Chavez starting to walk him down. Robinson firing the jab. Hard left to the body lands for Chavez. Chavez lands a BIG right that floors Robinson. Down goes Robinson. He's up at 7. Robinson retreats. Chavez lands two big rights. Robinson staggers. Another big right lands. Chavez just stalking. Hard shots landing for Chavez as the round ends. Big round for Chavez. As they break, they show a shot of Eric Morales and the crowd erupts.

Chavez 39 Robinson 36

Round 5
Chavez lands a 1-2 to start the round. Now he's just stalking Robinson. Robinson fires some combos to keep him off, but Chavez keeps coming. Big right lands for Chavez. Robinson lands a few jabs. Another big right lands for Chavez. Another right lands for Chavez. Left hook lands for Chavez that knocks Robinson's mouthpiece out. Hard left digs to the body of Chavez. They trade at the end of the round. Another good round for Chavez, but Robinson's staying in there.

Chavez 49 Robinson 45

Round 6
Robinson lands a quick combo and jumps out of the way. Chavez lands a big combination that rocks Robinson. Chavez lands some hard body shots. Robinson still firing combos. Trying to keep Chavez off of him. Hard left hook to the body by Chavez. Body shots are hurtin Robinson. Another hard left to the body. Robinson retreats. Left, right, left lands for Chavez. Robinson throws a flurry but misses. Chavez just walking him down with a grin. The action stops as Robinson loses his mouthpiece. More hard shots land for Chavez. Round to Chavez.

Chavez 59 Robinson 54

Round 7
Chavez misses with a big left. Chavez stalking him. Looks like he's ready to finish it. Robinson lands a right. A left lands for Robinson. Straight right lands for Chavez. Robinson lands a right to the body. Chavez goes back to working the body. Robinson lands a 1-2 upstairs. Robinson lands another combo. Big left hook lands for Chavez. Mouthpiece for Robinson falls out again and the ref takes a point. Another big left lands for Chavez. Round to Chavez.

Chavez 69 Robinson 62

Round 8
Robinson goes back to firing the jab. Chavez lands two left hooks to the body...HARD right hand lands for Chavez and the mouthpiece comes flying out. Another hard right lands for Chavez. Left hook to the body and right lands for Chavez. Robinson retreats...fires the jab but misses. Right hand for Chavez lands as the round ends.

Chavez 79 Robinson 71

Round 9
Robinson in survival mode as he retreats and fires the jab. Occassionally he'll land one that snaps Chavez's head back. Chavez lands a big left hook that staggers Robinson. Robinson goes back to retreating. Fires the jab. Chavez just muscles him around the ring...working the body. Uppercut lands for Chavez. Hard combination lands for Chavez...a big right at the end of the round that sends Robinson staggering backwards. Round to Chavez.

Chavez 89 Robinson 80

Round 10
Chavez was complaining about his right hand hurting in the corner. Chavez lands two big left hooks to begin the round. More left hooks land for Chavez. Nothing but left hands from Chavez. More hard left hooks to the body. 3 more left hooks to the body. Still nothing but lefts from Chavez while Robinson retreats and covers up. 1, 2, 3 left hooks to the body again. Two more...and two more...and another one. Two more left hooks to the body...two more...two more. Chavez is winning the round with one hand...and one punch, the left hook. Five left hooks in a row. Round and fight to Chavez...just the stronger, more dominant man. Something tells me that this won't be his last fight.

Chavez 99 Robinson 89

Chavez by Unanimous Decision
Official scorecards 100-88, 99-89, and 99-89