Round by Round: Chavez -vs- Hernandez

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Chavez -vs- Hernandez

Hernandez enters first...escorted to the ring by his wife who happens to be a doctor. Chavez enters next wearing a knee brace. His wife, an officer in the military, is also in attendance. I'm not exactly sure of why the announcers are talking about their wives, but they felt it was important to let us know so I'm passing on the info.

Round 1
Hernandez looks focused. Chavez throws a big haymaker right off the bat, but missed. Chavez lands a hook. Hernandez attacks the body...lands a strong right to the head. Chavez lands a 1-2. They trade jabs. Hernandez lands two left hooks. Chavez lands a strong right. Hard body shot by Chavez. Hard right by Hernandez. They trade hooks. Chavez lands a left...Hernandez lands a right. Left hook lands for Chavez. Combos miss for Hernandez. Hard right for Chavez. Chavez boxing from the outside. Hernandez charges in...Chavez counters with a right. Round to Chavez.

Chavez 10 Hernandez 9

Round 2
They meet in the middle. Hernandez charges in. Chavez lands a partially blocked hook. Chavez jabs....Hernandez lands a hook. 3 straight jabs from Chavez followed by a straight right. Hernandez lands a good right uppercut...then a left. Chavez answers...a left by Hernandez...and a left from Chavez. They trade on the inside. Hard right uppercut by Chavez. Chavez back on the outside jabbing. Hernandez charges in. Good body shot from Hernandez...left, right lands for Chavez. Chavez up on his toes. Left to the body lands for Hernandez....Chavez lands a right. Round ends with a pitty-pat flurry from Hernandez. These are going to be tough rounds to score...round to Chavez.

Chavez 20 Hernandez 18

Round 3
They trade in the middle...Chavez landing the stronger punches. Chavez flurrying...nailing Hernandez with some heavy leather. Hernandez just taking the punches...strong uppercut from Chavez. Hernandez fires back now, but Chavez has the heavier punches. Chavez lands another right uppercut while moving backwards. Hernandez lands a combo while walking in. Chavez digging to the body...good uppercut by Hernandez. Hard left hook by Chavez. The two trade...shades of Corrales-Castillo. Hard uppercut by Chavez that stops Hernandez. Chavez working the body. Hernandez charges in. Good round...Chavez landing the heavier and crisper punches though. Round to Chavez.

Chavez 30 Hernandez 27

Round 4
They get back to the inside...Chavez lands an uppercut...Hernandez lands a right hook. They trade. Chavez eats a left-right combo while moving backwards. Both men work the body. Hard body shot by Hernandez...Chavez spins him around on the ropes. Lands a combo. Hernandez bulls forward. They trade jabs. Chavez dancing on his toes. Nice combination lands for Hernandez. Hard right lands for Chavez. Hernandez answers. Hernandez lands a flurry at the end of the round. Another tough round to score...but Hernandez landed the better combos. Maybe I'm being generous, but round to Hernandez.

Chavez 39 Hernandez 37

Round 5
They go back to trading. Both men working the body. Chavez lands a good 1-2. Another left lands for Chavez. Hernandez reaching now. Hard body shots land for Chavez. Chavez firing the jab. Hernandez bleeding from the nose now...being outworked. Chavez lands a hard hook. Hernandez bulls forward and lands a combo. Uppercut lands for Hernandez. Chavez lands a 1-2. Hard right lands for Chavez just before the end of the bell. Round to Chavez.

Chavez 49 Hernandez 46

Round 6
Chavez dancing on his toes...firing the jab. Hard right lands for Chavez. Hernandez just bulls forward. Chavez lands an uppercut. Hernandez looks to be slowing a little. Big right lands for Hernandez though...and a left. Chavez takes them well. Body shot lands for Hernandez...Chavez lands a big left hook to the head. Constant action. Good body shot by Hernandez...Chavez answers with his own. Another tough round...I give it to Chavez based on workrate...but Hernandez could have easily won it too.

Chavez 59 Hernandez 55

Round 7
Chavez goes back to the outside. Fires the jab. Hernandez moves forward...probably the slowest round of the fight. Hernandez lands a right. Chavez lands a left-right....back to the outside to fire the jab. Hernandez lands a big uppercut. Chavez answers with a 1-2. They trade at the end of the round...Hernandez lands the better shots. Round to Hernandez.

Chavez 68 Hernandez 65

Round 8
Chavez back to boxing. Hernandez bulls forward. Hernandez lands a hard body shot. Chavez expending a lot of energy. Hernandez lands another hard left hook to the body. A right hook lands for Hernandez. A 1-2 lands for Hernandez. A cut above the eyebrow appears on Hernandez now, but he still moves forward landing the body shots. Chavez wearing down a lot now, but still firing back. Chavez retreats. Round to Hernandez.

Chavez 77 Hernandez 75

Round 9
Hernandez bulls in and attacks the body. Chavez goes back to staying on the outside...eats a straight right. Hernandez lands another hard right. Chavez back to firing the jab, but he looks to be fading a bit. Hernandez lands a good uppercut. Chavez works the body. Hernandez lands a 1-2. Chavez lands a left hook to the body. They trade to the body. Chavez ties him up on the ropes. Right lands for Hernandez. Chavez answers to the body. Close round, but Hernandez was pressing the action. Round to Hernandez.

Chavez 86 Hernandez 85

Round 10
Both men meet in the middle. Low blow by Hernandez. Action stops while Hernandez is warned. They go back to trading. Hernandez lands a good flurry...big right hand lands for Hernandez. Chavez backs up. Chavez catches Hernandez with a counter. Now Chavez presses the action. Good work on the inside by Chavez. Hernandez lands a left hook. Chavez goes back to jabbing from the outside. Hard body shot lands for Chavez. Right hand lands for Chavez. A few pitty-pat punches by Hernandez to end the round. Round to Chavez.

Chavez 96 Hernandez 94

Round 11
Chavez goes back to firing the jab. They both get back to the inside. Chavez lands a hard cobmination before jumping back out to the outside. More jabs land...straight rights landing for Chavez now. Chavez has his second wind now. Chavez throwing 5 punches to 1. Good uppercut from Chavez. Hernandez throws a flurry. Chavez catches him with a counter right. Back to jabbing. Hernandez reaching in. Chavez staying more busy on the inside. Left hook to the body lands for Chavez. Hernandez tries to steal the round with a flurry at the end, but not enough. Round to Chavez.

Chavez 106 Hernandez 103

Round 12
Both men hug before the round starts and then proceed to throw bombs at each other. Left, right, left, right...everything is landing for both men. Chavez still firing though while Hernandez slows down. Left hook, right hook, left uppercut, right uppdercut...everything lands for both. Chavez backs up, but Hernandez walks forward and motions for him to bring it on. Chavez lands a big left hook to the head. Hernandez still firing, but Chavez is just busier. Again, Hernandez motions for Chavez to bring it. They both trade again to end the fight. Nonstop action in that round (although both men looked a little too tired to really hurt the other). Round to Chavez.

Chavez 116 Hernandez 112

Maybe a little similar to Corrales-Castillo, but without the big punching power. Good fight though...close fight...several of those rounds could have gone either way, but I think Chavez did enough to get the nod.

Chavez by Split Decision
115-113, 113-115, and 117-111