Round by Round: Castillo -vs- Corrales 2

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Castillo -vs- Corrales 2

Castillo enters first. Long walk for Castillo. Geesh...where do they have the fighters located at? He just walked through a maze. Chants of "Castilo! Castillo! Castillo!" as he enters the ring. Stoic look on his face. Corrales enters next. Woooo...I like that robe he's rockin'. Black and silver Havoc robe. Nice. Goossen leads Team Corrales in a final prayer. Mixed reaction as Corrales enters. Some cheers...lots of boos. Corrales looks pumped as he shouts to the crowd. "Fight we gooooooo....the time has come..... And now... Live from Las Vegas... IIIIIT's SHOWTIMMMME!!!!!" Castillo looks pissed. Chico gives the shimmy. Intense staredown. "And remember guys...I'm fair but I'm firm!"

Round 1
It's on! They meet in the center. Castillo lands a big left hook to start the fight. Back to war! Corrales works him on the inside. Castillo lands a short right. It's already rough on the inside. Big left hook to the body lands for Castillo. Jab, left, and another left lands for Castillo. Corrales lands a 1-2 on the inside. Castillo lands another big left hook to the jaw. Castillo starting fast. Corrales lands some short hooks on the inside. Castillo lands a right hook that wobbles Corrales momentarily. Both men back to working the body. Some blows land south of the border. Castillo lands another short left hook. And a big right lands for Castillo. Corrlaes lands a big right of his own. They trade hooks. 1-2 lands for Corrales. BIG 1-2 lands for Corrales again. More inside work as they trade. Castillo lands two left hooks and a right to the body to end the round. Round to Castillo.

Castillo 10 Corrales 9

Round 2
Back to the center of the ring. Back to trading on the inside. Corrales lands some short hooks on the inside. They trade hooks. VERY hard shots being landed by both men. Castillo works the body. Big uppercut lands for Castillo. Two left hooks land for Corrales. Castillo lands one of his own. Right uppercut lands for Castillo. And another. Corrales answers with a hook of his own. Oh my goodness...I can't keep up. They're just trading. Huge shots. Ah man..this is nuts. Left hooks land for Castillo. Corrales lands a 1-2. Blood. There's blood on Corrales. Two left hooks land for Castillo. Big left hook to the body lands for Castillo. Huge three punch combo lands for Corrales. Castillo fires back. They're both landing bombs. Left hook lands for Castillo...and another big left. What a round! Round to Castillo

Castillo 20 Corrales 18

Round 3
They clinch. Castillo lands a left to the body. Looks like Castillo is trying to fight on the outside a little. Corrales trying to get back on the inside as Castillo retreats. Interesting. Corrales lands a 1-2 as they get back to trading. Corrales lands a right. Both men working the body. Castillo staying more active...and surprisingly keeping some distance at times. Corrales just misses a big right hook and Castillo lands a HUGE left that wobbles and staggers Corrales. Corrales fights back though. Castillo landing some left hooks. Good body work and a left hook to the head for Castillo. Corrales still coming at him. Round to Castillo. Castillo looks a little shocked to see Corrales still standing.

Castillo 30 Corrales 27

Round 4
They trade hooks. Corrales lands a jab. They trade again. OHHHHHHH...HUGE left hook lands for Castillo. IT'S OVER!!!! IT'S OVER. Cortez stops it. It's OVER! Corrales was dropped. He was up at 10 but couldn't continue as he stumbles to the corner. Wow. Not quite as long as the first fight, but still another great war.

Castillo KO4