Round by Round: Brock -vs- McCline

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Brock -vs- McCline

McCline dances toward the ring first. Brock enters second...looks calm and relaxed. McCline looks he's ready to get the fight started. Brock looks a little dry...perhaps too relaxed.

Round 1
McCline comes out jabbing. Brock jabs to the body. Brock drops an overhand right that lands. McCline lands a thudding shot to the back of the head. Brock lands a good shot to the body. They tie up. McCline throwing big punches that are missing. Brock lands a good shot to the body. Good straight right lands for Brock. Another hard right lands for Brock. McCline gets anxious and starts to throw caution to the wind, but misses a lot. Round to Brock.

Brock 10 McCline 9

Round 2
Both men come out jabbing. Brock lands a shot to the body...almost a low blow. McCline working behind his jab. Brock lands a left hook. Big right hand from McCline that just misses. Brock lands to the body. Hard left hook from McCline gets Brocks' attention. Hard right lands for Brock...and a nice uppercut. McCline moves backward. Another hard right lands for Brock. Right, left combo lands from Brock...and another straight right. Brock working behind the jab and just misses with a big right. Round to Brock.

Brock 20 McCline 18

Round 3
They clinch in the middle. Cortez says no rough stuff. Brock lands a hard right. McCline lands a good body shot. And another. McCline letting his hands go. Lands some clubbing shots. Brock calmly survives....McCline tires. Brock lands a straight right followed by a left. They both miss with nasty haymakers. Brock drops a big right on McCline that wobbles him. McCline ties him up. Another hard right lands. McCline in trouble. Round to Brock.

Brock 30 McCline 27

Round 4
McCline comes out jabbing. Brock lands a straight right. McCline moving backwards. Brock stalking. Good body shot lands for McCline. Brock working behind the jab. Hard right from McCline...and a left. Another left, right combo lands for McCline. Big left breezes by Brock. Hard body shot lands for Brock. Brock lands a left hook. Clubbing right to the back of McClines head. Hard right lands for Brock. McCline jumps on him at the end of the round. Better round for McCline.

Brock 39 McCline 37

Round 5
Brock comes out jabbing...they tie up. Big right paritally blocked by Brock. McCine lets his hands go, but misses with everything. A lot of clinching now. Punches from both men getting sloppy. Hard right to the body by Brock. McCline leaning on Brock....looks tired. McCline holding more. Breathing heavy and alot...mouth wide open. Both men just wrestling on each other...making Ruiz actually look good. Ick...ugly round to score. I'll give it to McCline just because his body was constanly moving around while attempting to land some type of sloppy punch.

Brock 48 McCline 47

Round 6
Brock comes out with more energy. More clinching. McCline lands a flurry on the inside. Brock slowing down. Hard left lands for McCline...and a short right. Brock finally throws a few punches. McCline just leaning on Brock. They trade left hooks. Brock lands a hard right. They trade combinations on the inside. Another sloppy round, but give the edge to McCline based on his activity.

Brock 57 McCline 57

Round 7
Brock lands a few lefts. Brock is now more active on the inside. McCline bulls forward. Lands a devastating left that FLOORS BROCK. Brock goes down. Up at 8. McCline jumps on Brock. Brock ties him up. Lands a right of his own. McCline is wobbled. McCline lands some big punches on the inside. Brock lands bombs. A big right lands for Brock...and another. McCline on the retreat. Both men are tired. Brock lands a short left hook. They trade at the end. McCline wins the round, but Brock comes back enough to make it a 10-9.

Brock 66 McCline 67

Round 8
Brock jumps back out on McCline. McCline tries to tie him up...leans on Brock. Nasty uppercut lands for Brock. Both men lean on each other. Trade on the inside. McCline lands a good uppercut. Brock answer with a short right. Round to Brock...more active.

Brock 76 McCline 76

Round 9
Brock jumps on McCline. Lands a DEVASTATING right. McCline is wobbled. Another big right lands for Brock. McCline lands the jab. Brock lands another right...and McCline walks into another big right. Big left hand lands for Brock. McCline is smothering his own punches. Hard body shot lands for Brock. McCline answers with some pitty pat shots. Brock lands a quick combination at the end of the round. Round to Brock.

Brock 86 McCline 85

Round 10
Brock works behind the jab. They tie up. Big shot lands for Brock. McCline lands a short left. They trade. McCline lands a short left. McCline continues to bull forward. Brock lands a flurry. They trade punches during the last 10 seconds. McCline lands a big left but it was too late. Round to Brock.

Brock 96 McCline 94