Round by Round: Brock -vs- Lawrence

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Brock -vs- Lawrence

Round 1
Lawrence comes out firing the jab. Brock lands a shot to the body. Lawrence answers with one of his own. Brock pawing with the jab...lands a right hook to the body. They clinch. Lawrence tries to work the body as well. Three punch combo lands for Lawrence. Another nice combo lands for Lawrence as Brock continues to fire one punche at a time. A left hook from Brock appears to have stunned Lawrence. Hard left hook to the body lands for Lawrence. Lawrence continues to fire combos as Brock focuses on the body. Nice three punch combo lands for Brock to end the round. Round to Lawrence for being more aggressive and more active.

Brock 9 Lawrence 10

Round 2
Hard right hand lands for Brock to start the round. Lawrence lands a left hook to the body. Another hard right lands for Brock. Brock lands a left hook to the body and a right hook to the head. They clinch. Brock starting to let his hands go now....lands a nice 1-2. Both men work the body on the inside. Lawrence lands a hard 1-2 on the inside that gets Brock's attention. More trading in close as both men work the body. Jab lands for Brock that knocks Zuri's mouthpiece out. Woooo...good left hand lands for Brock. Brock starting to sit on his punches, but Lawrence is game. Hard left hook lands for Lawrence. Nice 1-2 lands for Lawrence...and another 1-2 lands for Lawrence to end the round. Round to Brock.

Brock 19 Lawrence 19

Round 3
Lawrence continues to fire combos. Brock appears content with working the body on the inside. Left hook lands for Brock as Lawrence pulls straight back. They trade jabs. Left hook lands for Lawrence. Hard right hook lands for Brock on the inside. Brock continues to work the body on the inside. Lawrence lands a right hand. Brock just misses with a wild left hook. Round to Brock, but it's a close fight.

Brock 29 Lawrence 28

Round 4
More inside fihgting to start the round. Brock lands a left hook. Lawrence answers with a right. More trading on the inside. Lawrence lands a nice 1-2. Brock continues to work the body, but Lawrence is the more active of the two. Uppercut lands for Brock. 1-2 lands for Lawrence and Brock answers with a short right hook. Brock throws a four punch bombo, but most of it is blocked. Lawrence lands a 1-2 to end the round. Ugly round to score as most of the action was in close quarters. Round to Lawrence for staying more active.

Brock 38 Lawrence 38

Round 5
Back to more inside work for both men. Lawrence lands a right hook over the top. Brock lands a nice uppercut followed by a 1-2. Left hand lands for Lawrence. Brock lands a hook. More inside fighting. Left hook lands for Lawrence. Right hook lands for Brock. Both men still content with fighting in close. Woooo....big right hand lands for Brock. Another nice right hook lands for Brock. Round to Brock.

Brock 48 Lawrence 47

Round 6
Brock working the jab now....staying on the outside more. Brock lands a chopping right hand. Jab lands for Brock. Lawrence lets his hands go on the inside....lands some body shots. Brock does some good work on the inside as well. Left hook lands for Lawrence. 1-2 lands for Lawrence. They trade hooks. Wooooooooo....Brock lands a slobberknocker that flattens Lawrence. He was out before he hit the canvas. Nady waves it off before he hits the canvas. Whoa. That was a devastating hook. Definitely highlight material.

Brock KO6