Round by Round: Barrera -vs- Fana

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Barrera -vs- Fana

Stalling. A lot of highlights from Barrera's career...the McKinney fight...his epic trilogy with Morales. Fana enters first...looks focused. Boos from the crowd. Chants of "Mexico! Mexico!" before Fana even enters the ring. More boos from the crowd. Barrera enters. Crowd erupts. Barrera looks like he always Buffer announces Oscar De La Hoya. Oh my goodness...are those boos I hear for the Golden Boy? Buffer gives longest entrance I've ever heard....

Marco Antoniooooooooo Barrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa

Round 1
It's on. The two touch gloves. Fana comes out jabbin. Barrera patiently stalks. Barrera lands a nasty right...Fana staggers. Hard body shot from Barrera. Fana lands a left. Jab, jab, jab from Fana. Barrera measuring. They trade jabs....right hand lands for Barrera. Barrera definitely is the stronger man. Left to the body and head land for Barrera. Right hand from Barrera....hard left to the body....right, left combo lands for Barrera. Fana staggers again. Dominant round for Barrera.

Barrera 10 Fana 9

Round 2
Fana looked extremely discouraged in the corner. Barrera stalks. Fana jabs. Fana lands a right. Barrera lands a couple of jabs. Right hand from Barrera lands. More jabs from Barrera. Barrera rocks him with a right. THAT'S IT. FANA DOWN AND OUT. IT'S OVER. DEVASTATING KNOCKOUT.

Barrera KO 2

A big right...followed by a left and another DEVASTATING right. Fana hits the canvas and starts shaking. Stiff as a board. Barrera wins an easy one. Way too dominant. Johnny Tapia enters the ring and hoists Barrera up for the crowd. Buffer announces the winner...even longer than the first one...

Marco Antonioooooooooooooooooooooo Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa