Round by Round: Arce -vs- Hussein 2

By B. "The Hype" Thompson


Round by Round: Arce -vs- Hussein 2

Considering this is the second to last fight, there still appears to be a lot of empty seats. Damn shame. Hussein enters first. Looks relaxed. Plays to the crowd as he enters the ring. Arce enters next sucking on a lollipop and wearing a black cowboy hat. Arce looks confident and ready as he smiles and showboats for the crowd.

Round 1
Arce starts behind the jab. Hussein circles. Left, right combo from Arce that's blocked. Hussein lands a jab. Arce still working behind the jab as Hussein just circles. Left, right by Arce blocked again by Hussein. WHOA. HUGE right hand by Arce drops Hussein. Wow. Hussein gets up quick...looks okay. A flash knockdown, but wow! They trade jabs and Hussein looks a little wobbled still. They clinch. Hussein retreats to the ropes and Arce fires some combos. Uppercut lands for Arce. Hook misses for Hussein. Hussein retreats. Round to Arce.

Arce 10 Hussein 8

Round 2
Arce comes out throwing bombs to start the second. Hussein retreats. Arce back to jabbing. Hussein retreats to the ropes. Arce tries to work the body but Hussein escapes. Arce lands a straight right. Hussein is trapped in the corner but ties Arce up. The action is back to the center of the ring. Hussein lands an uppercut. Another uppercut lands for Hussein. Hussein misses a wild hook. Arce gets him against the ropes and tries to work the body again. Not much landing for Arce. Overhand right just lands for Arce that appears to wobble Hussein a little. Another straight right lands for Arce. Close round so far...up for grabs in the last minute. Hussein covers up as Arce works the body. Arce throwing a lot of punches and landing a lot as Hussein just lays against the ropes. Whoa...short left hook just drops Hussein. Wow. Hussein up at 8. WOW! The corner stops the fight. They throw in the towel. The corner stopped the fight. Unbelievable. I'm stunned. Kenny Bayless is stunned. The crowd is stunned. Hussein is stunned. Everyone is shocked as Hussein appeared to be fine when he got up. Wow. It's over!

Arce TKO2