Rocky Juarez plans on spoling Marquez rematch with Pacquiao-Barrera winner

By Brad Cooney


Rocky Juarez plans on spoling Marquez rematch with Pacquiao-Barrera winner

Boxingtalk caught up with featherweight contender Rocky Juarez, and got his thoughts on his huge upcoming world title fight against current world champion, Juan Manuel Marquez.  Juarez comments on a strong training camp, and clearly points out the importance of this fight for his career.  This fight is scheduled for September, 15th 2007 and will be televised on HBO PPV.

BT – Rock, thanks for joining Boxingtalk.  How's camp going for you so far?

RJ – Camp has been going great, I am training hard, and keeping very focused.  This is a big fight coming up September, 15th, I am getting another opportunity to fight for a world title.  The guy I am going up against, I know is one of the best fighters in the world in the lighter weight classes.  My camp and I know what we are going up against, and I am ready to fight.

BT – Initially you were supposed to fight current IBF Featherweight champion, Robert Guerrero.  Who would you rather have fought, Guerrero or Marquez?

RJ – Well I was supposed to fight Guerrero, and then they offered me the opportunity to fight Marquez for more pay, and to headline the whole card, and for the title.  I think Marquez is a bigger name than Guerrero, so we took that fight.  We didn't just take it for more money, we also believe that we can beat Marquez.

BT – You are the underdog for this fight, are you ok with that?

RJ – It doesn't bother me one bit, I was the underdog with Barrera too.  These guys have proven a lot, Barrera and Marquez, I am the fighter that has fallen a little short.  It doesn't make a difference to me, I am still very confident in my ability, and I will go out there and give it everything that I have.

BT – What does Marquez bring into the ring that gets your attention the most?

RJ – He's a very smart fighter.  He is also a very good counter puncher, and he has power.  We saw him fight Barrera and he had difficulty with him, and Barrera was able to knock him down, and I hit harder than Barrera.  Marquez can get knocked down, but he's also able to get back up and show his will.

BT – What do you bring into the ring that will enable you to have your hand raised at the end of the fight?

RJ – Well I feel that I am able to box if I have to, or fight on the inside if I have to.  My determination and my youth, and my speed and power will be big factors in this fight.  It's just a matter of being able to handle the smarts of Marquez, and adapt well in order to make the fight easier for myself.

BT – Some people say that with the few fights that you have had difficulty in, you weren't busy enough, you didn't pull the trigger like you should have.

RJ – Well I agree with that, I have 3 defeats and in those defeats I agree with that.   If people can see that, we know our opponent can see that.  I agree with that, it's one of my weaknesses, I stalk but don't pull the trigger.   One thing that I have learned though, when I do pull the trigger I usually knockout my opponents.  I will have to pull the trigger in this fight for sure.

BT – I think some of your fans were frustrated with your last few fights because of you not being busy enough.

RJ – Yea, I have been known to be a slow starter.  If I catch my opponent early it can be an early night though.  With the Barrera fight, the first one if I would have started earlier I may have been able to stop him.   We know in this fight we will have to pick up the pace in the beginning, and continue to throw punches.  Marquez is not as fast as Barrera as far as movement goes.  We know that he's a very good counter puncher though, and he will stay in front of us, and he will fight.  We know he has confidence in his power, and I think it will be a very good fight, and possibly an early fight.

BT – Has the magnitude of this fight sunk in yet?  If you beat this guy you can add a zero to the end of your next purse.

RJ – Oh yes, I realize that for sure. This has been a long time coming, and to get in there with a great champion is an honor.  I am fortunate that I will have the opportunity to fight on an elite level.  To me it's an honor to fight champions like Barrera, and Marquez, that's what picks me up and gives me the ability to train hard, and to get myself ready.

BT – A win over Marquez puts shoots your stock through the roof.

RJ – I agree, because people look at me now as a hell of a fighter, but a guy who doesn't have that belt.  Without that belt I will not be considered a champion, so by taking it away from a guy like Marquez would be an honor.  It took Marquez what? 11 years to get his title, so I am not taking this lightly.

BT – We have a brand new Olympic team out there, these kids just were selected to the  USA Olympic team.   Do you have any advice for these kids?

RJ – I want to say congratulations to the newly selected Olympic team, and I want to tell them to keep your eye on the prize.  Don't look at the money deals as a pro, keep your eye on winning the gold right now.  I know for a fact to have that American flag wrapped around you is one of the best feeling in the world. 

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

RJ – To all of my fans out there, I want to say thank you, and I love you for all the support.  Come September 15th, I will put on my best performance to become the world champion.