Rock responds to Klitschko press release, ONLY ON BOXINGTALK!

By G. Leon


Rock responds to Klitschko press release, ONLY ON BOXINGTALK!

Rahman: "I think it's becoming clear Klitschko wants nothing to do with me!"

Dear Mr Klitshcko (& fans): I am writing you because it seems that you forgot about me, your mandatory challenger. I must be the most invisible 6 foot 2, 240 pound black man on the planet.  You have ducked out on me since April 30, June 18, and July 30 with varying excuses and injuries which I never quite believed existed. You have the nerve to call out another fighter when you have clear and present danger staring you in the face.  But that is appropriate, because you better go down the yellow-brick road and get a heart before you step in the ring with me.  I am an extremely credible opponent, so I assume that your constant avoidance of anything regarding the name Rahman is a very smart tactic.  I understand that you are a doctor and an extremely intelligent man.  However, you are undermining your credibility as a boxing Champion by these constant duck tactics that you are employing by not fighting me. You are decreasing your fan base and causing doubt to appear in the hearts of your most ardent supporters.   How can you use words like 'courage', 'heart', and 'champion' when referring to yourself when you have been ducking me like a yellow-bellied coward for almost a year? 

Boxing and its fans need an active Champion who is willing to fight credible opponents.  I think that it is hilarious that some consider you a Champion and the man to beat when you are scared to face me.  Stop misrepresenting the heavyweight division, let alone the WBC championship. Boxing deserves better than what you are giving it. Stop cheating yourself. Stop cheating the fans. Most of all, stop cheating me. Now I am all for heavyweight unification, as is my promotor. Now you are suddenly able to fight in September?  We can fight in August if you like. Just know that I plan on hitting you harder than you have ever been hit in your life.  And I promise that you will taste the canvass for the first time in your professional boxing career. And Don King will not ask for ANY OPTIONS!!  None, so you dont have any other excuses.  I am ready to take back what belongs to me.  And I cant wait to win over your fans and supporters because they seem to be very supportive of you.  Imagine how much they will appreciate a champion that is active and not afraid to fight anyone.  Well, I am ready now. Are you willing to hop in the ring with me? If not, don't issue anymore press releases until you are ready to be a man. But as is your history regarding Rahman, I expect for you to act like this letter is invisible as well. -Hasim Rahman