Robert Frazier: I am ready to shock the world.

Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Robert Frazier:  I am ready to shock the world.

“This is going to be the toughest that he (Powell) has ever been in”

RC: Robert how are you feeling?
RF: Not to bad not to bad

RC: How has preparation been for this fight?
RF:  Man it has been excellent. Good hard work on a daily basis. Chelo (Betancourt) is a great trainer, a great mentor a great teacher and all of the hard work we have been doing is going to pay off.

RC: You’ll b facing undefeated Jr. Middleweight prospect Sechew Powell Friday night, why don’t give us your thoughts on this fight?
RF: I don’t take anything away from the kid, he is up and coming, he is undefeated and he is a southpaw, BUT, look at my resume I fought the best pound for pound out there in Winky Wright, and he is a southpaw. All my six losses have been against world champions. So it is nothing really to me, I am a seasoned pro at this. I have already been there and I have done that. There is really nothing that he can do that I don’t know, so I mean it is definitely is going to be a good fight. The good thing about it is I have nothing to loose and everything to gain. I am not getting any younger, I am 32 and I will be 33 this year. He is 26, and up and coming so right now the pressure is all on him, so right now I can really just be relaxed and don’t have to hear the things like people saying “Ooh if you win this fight you will have a fight on HBO” or “If you win you got that” and those kinds of things.  So I am just going in there to handle my business and do my thing. And like I said I have all to gain because they are probably thinking this guy is going to come in and blow me out of the water, but that is not going to happen.

RC: You have some really good names on your resume such as David Reid, Roman Karmazin, Carl Daniels, Winky Wright and Felix Sturm and all of those guys are very respectable fighters. How do you feel Sechew Powell at this point in his career matches up to those guys? Do you feel he has the ability to go on and be as good or as great as any of them?
RF: I really don’t know him. I have seen a couple of fights and I like what I seen. He definitely tries to come and bring the pain. But like I said I am no new kid on the block. I done been there like I said before, I have fought the best out there. I have fought numerous southpaws so that is really no big deal, I just got to go in there Friday and handle business.

RC: You mentioned you like what you saw when you watched Sechew fight, when you said that do you mean you like what you saw because they are things you feel you will be able to take advantage of, or you like what you saw in his ability as a prospect?
RF: Well yeah, a decent little prospect and a couple of little flaws here and there that I am have to capitalize on as a seasoned pro. So it was some good highlights I seen in him as a fighter, but then he has some little flaws here and there.

RC: How do you see this fight playing out?
RF: I don’t know, I can’t foresee it. All I can do is take one round at a time and that is basically how I am going to go about it. I am going to be taking my time, making my presence known and taking it one round at a time, and you know what ever happens, happens. But I am going to be there for the duration whether it is five, six or ten rounds I am going to be there.

RC: This fight scheduled for ten rounds. So when you say you are going to be there for the duration are you saying that this can end early and…
RF: (Cutting in) yeah I mean it is what it is, I don’t know. Like I said I am not foreseeing nothing, I am just taking it one round at a time, but I am going to be there. I got a heart like you will never know. It is bigger than Holyfield’s, and they say he has the biggest heart. So that lets you know right there. It is going to be a good fight, it is going to be interesting, and like I said I am going in there and I am going to let my presence known. I am going to give him the toughest fight he has ever been in.

RC: Do you feel that a fight against you at this point in his career is a good step for him or do you feel that he is in way over his head?
RF: Who knows, maybe he has been focusing more on those news clippings or cameras. But if he is it is going to work to my benefit and that is all I can say. Like I told the news people back home in Rochester, I have to make a statement. In 2006 I have to make my presence felt and I am going to give him a tough fight. This is going to be the toughest that he has ever been in.

RC: What do you feel a win over Sechew Powell will do for your career?
RF: I will probably be looking at something big knocking at my door. Who knows, maybe HBO will want me to fight some big names. Everybody will be coming at me because he is an up and coming so they say “Superstar” but I gotta diminish all of that.

RC: Is there anything you would like to say inclosing?
RF: I am just ready to shock the world in 2006 would also like to send out a special thanks to Chelo (Humberto Betancourt) for making this interview possible.


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