Robert Allen: "I would like to fight Lacy!"

By James Alden


Robert Allen: "I would like to fight Lacy!"

"Me and him could grind it out. It would be really good for the fight game if we ever fought. I got my eye on him. I’m pointing the arrow right at him!"

JA: What did you think of the Lacy-Pemberton fight Robert?  "It seemed like a fight that he would’ve had earlier in his career. It seemed like a building fight. It didn’t seem like it should be a title fight. It seemed like it was 8 or 10 rounder." 

JA: Do you feel that the year layoff had anything to do with Scott not being effective in the fight?  

RA: I don’t think Scott on his best day can deal with the style of Lacy. I don’t think on his best day he could deal with Lacy’s strength.  

JA: It seems like a lot of good prospects are moving up to Super Middleweight. Chad Dawson and Ian Gardner are fighting in a couple weeks. I know that Peter Manfredo Jr. is moving up to 168. Are you excited about the possibilities of the Super Middleweight division in 2006? 

RA: Yeah I’m more or less reinventing myself right now.  I’m going to get myself ready and give myself a real good chance to make some noise when I come! I’ve had a lot of time to sit back and look at everybody else. I want to go out at the end of my career with a bang! 

JA: A World Championship?  

RA: Yeah like Lacy. I would like to fight Lacy. Me and him could grind it out. It would be really good for the fight game if we ever fought. I got my eye on him. I’m pointing the arrow right at him! 

JA: I know that he said that he wants to move up to Light Heavyweight and fight Tarver. If that fight couldn’t happen, he would like to fight Joe Calzaghe.  

RA: Yeah he probably needs to move up because he’s such a big guy. It’s hard for him to move his head because he has that big neck.  

JA: He’s got the Tyson neck.  

RA: Yeah. 

JA: If he did want to fight you, would you fight him with your first fight back?  

RA: Most definitely. Give me one tune up and one camp and we can do this. Within the next 4-5 months I’ll fight him. I like his aggression, but to me it’s not that effective.  

JA: Would you fight Pemberton with your first fight back?  

RA: I would like that, that would be cool.  

JA: I did an interview with Scott earlier and he said that if the money is right that he will still fight.

RA: Yeah, as soon I get back we can fight. 

JA: How do you think a fight like that would go? 

RA: I would walk him down. I would do what Lacy did to him but a lot better; from a south paw point of view. 

JA: Do you think that the Pemberton fight was stopped prematurely?  

RA: Yeah because he got caught in the back of the head. Pemberton didn’t know where the punch came from and it seemed to me that he was more shocked than anything. It looked like he went down more because he was shocked more than he got hurt. With the way the shot was thrown and the way the sound was made, it looked a lot harder than it really was. Sounded like a big punch, but it really wasn’t.

JA: He didn’t seem fazed by it.

RA: Yeah. But with Lacy, the left hook is cool if he hits you on the button with it, but I don’t think that he punches that hard. I like Lacy, I always thought he was a great fighter.

JA: Anything new on your next fight?

RA: I’m just trying to get one in before the years out. Then slide in maybe January or February. I’ve been working really hard and I need to get in there and hit something.

JA: Once you get the tune-up at the end of the year, are you looking to maybe get a fight with Pemberton in 06’?

RA: Yeah that would be nice. I wish you can build that up because I would really like to fight Scott.

JA: Let me get on that. Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

RA: No not really. I just want to say thanks to all my fans out there for continuing to support me; I’m going to make you proud!