Rob Calloway calling all cruisers

By Matthew Goldstein


Rob Calloway calling all cruisers

Heavyweight journeyman Rob Calloway, 65-7-1 (52 KO's), has not only run off 8 wins in a row, but all 8 have been by KO.   The undersized heavyweight, who now fights at the 200lb limit, has finally found his place in boxing.  Although Rob had very good power for a heavyweight, he was extremely undersized especially for an ever growing top tier of talent and champions.   Now fighting at the cruiserweight limit not only is his power good, it has been exceptional.  Having been used to taking shots from bigger guys, the tables have been turned in favor of the once long time journeyman, who actually might be tomorrow's threat.  


            The only problem for Rob is that nobody wants to fight him.  After calling every matchmaker and manager thinkable, Rob Calloway simply cannot secure a cruiserweight fight.  Perhaps it's because of Rob's last two KO wins which have come against Monte Barrett conqueror, Cliff Couser, 26-12-2 (14 KO'), or against the hard hitting Chris Thomas, 16-8-2 (14 KO's).   Perhaps it is because for the first time in his career, Rob Calloway is actually getting the type of sparring that only elite fighters receive consistently.   Calloway's recent sessions have included Eddie Chambers, Steve Cunningham and Hasim Rahman.          


            As well, for the first time since the passing of his father in law in 2000, or maybe even his career, Rob Calloway has a trainer in his corner has taken multiple fighters to the elite level.   Calloway has begun working with Marshall Kauffman of Reading PA, and while Kauffman feels he does not get enough time with Calloway, Marshall and Rob know that they have made significant strides over the last few months.  


            Calloway explains, "Marshall has taught me so much in a matter of a few months that's I never learned in my 14 years as a pro.   He is a world class trainer and I know he is the right guy to take me to the next level." 


            So now Rob trains more regularly with a world class trainer.   As well, he is fighting at the appropriate weight which gives him the ability to be the bigger, more powerful fighter in the ring for the first time in his career.  He is also getting the sparring that any elite fighter needs.   Now all he needs to do is secure a fight.  "I am willing to take on anybody.  I would love to take on Jean Marc Mormeck or Enzo Macarinelli.   I am also willing to take on anybody in the top 10 of any sanctioning body.  Krzysztoff, Arslan, Brudov, The Ding-A-Ling Man, whoever.   I just want the top cruiserweight fight that I deserve." 


            Rob is currently scheduled to fight Terry Smith, 30-2-1 (18 KO's).   Smith is a smaller sized heavyweight, but he is a heavyweight none the less.  Smith recently had a UD win over the hard hitting Kelvin Davis.   While Calloway is not overlooking Smith by any means, Rob strongly feels that he should be looking at title shots as a cruiserweight.  Calling all cruiserweights, Rob Calloway is looking for a fight!          


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