Roach responds to Barrera's challenge

By Brad Cooney


Roach responds to Barrera's challenge just spoke with Freddie Roach and got his thoughts about team Barrera's challenge to fight Manny Pacquiao. Roach was asked if he had heard of the challenge from Barrera's camp, " Yes, I heard it, the thing is we have a schedule right now a fight before Erik, and then on to Erik Morales. Before Manny was where he is now, every time we tried to get a fight with Barrera there was always a reason they didn't want the fight". When Boxingtalk asked Freddie about Barrera's timing of this challenge he replied, " Right now Barrera wants to be where Manny is, and that's on top. We have to give Erik Morales his opportunity as the contract states, IF Erik chooses not to fight Manny then perhaps we look at Barrera". Roach went on to say, " You know what? Maybe we should counter offer with Bobby Pacquiao to fight Barrera, I think Bobby can beat Barrera".