Roach back in America, Pacquiao primed and ready

By Brad Cooney


Roach back in America, Pacquiao primed and ready

Boxingtalk caught up with a jet lagged Freddie Roach and got an update on how training camp went for Manny Pacquiao in Cebu, Philippines.  Roach informs Boxingtalk that Manny is primed and ready, and predicts that this fight will not go the distance. 

BT – Freddie give us an update, how's Manny doing thus far?

FR – Just finished with Manny, it was another good day.  Manny went 13 rounds non stop with the mitts, no rest, non stop.  We went straight through, Manny wouldn't stop.

BT – It seemed that once you got a grip on things over in Cebu, Manny had a monster camp over there.

FR – It was a great camp, but in the beginning there were too many people in there, and I had to start throwing people out of there.   We had a great camp, Manny finished in Manila, and left at 132 lbs.  We just had another great workout today, and he's fine, looking good.

BT – Are you happy where Manny is at right now, he's not peeking too soon is he?

FR – He's perfect right now, he's right where he needs to be.  We had a good run this morning, he ran 44 minutes up hill, and tomorrow we will run the flats. Manny is looking great!

BT – What's the deal with the spying allegations?

FR – The what?

BT – Barrera's people alleged that you had a mole in their camp.

FR – Oh they are so full of ..... I hate that people can just write anything and then people just believe it.  I don't care what Barrera is doing, I am working on my guy.  What are we like little kids?  Are like playing army or something?  Barrera is a good guy, and I wish him luck, we are not taking him lightly, and this is going to be a good fight.

BT – Barrera's camp has been very focused, determined, and quiet.  What Barrera do you think will show up?

FR – Well if he has more left in him, we are going to found out, that's for sure.  I heard that Valero knocked him out last week, but I take that with a grain of salt.  I know Barrera's camp real well, and he never spars guys like that.  And Valero doesn't fight like Manny anyway, there is a rumor that Valero is in camp with them, but I expect Barrera to be at his best, and we'll be ready for it.

BT – Manny has been known to be a little awkward in the ring, and the few critics that he has say that he is a little one dimensional.  Will the fans see a Pacquiao with more weapons at his disposal in this fight?

FR – Yes, they will see a better Pacquiao.  We are working on some moves, you know at first they said that all he had was a left hand, so we developed a right.  Then they said that all he has is speed, but can't box, so we worked on his boxing ability.  He is a much more complete fighter.

BT – Address the rumor that Pacquiao was going to pull out of the fight because he wasn't happy with his purse.

FR – All of the sudden Mike Marley came out with some things, and asked if Manny was mad, and I told him that I had no idea, everything was fine.  Manny isn't pulling out of the fight, and never said that he was going to, that was a rumor.

BT – Does Pac's attorney still want a piece of Marley?

FR – I head about that, maybe it will be on the undercard (laughs).  Mike is a big guy, he's a lot bigger than Pac's attorney, he would crush him.  Maybe we should skip that fight (laughs).

BT – What's your prediction Freddie, does Pacquiao knock Barrera out?

FR – Manny is a much better fighter than he was the first time we fought him.  Manny at this point is much better, he's stronger, he punches harder, and he's faster.  I believe we will knock out Barrera before 12 rounds.

BT – So what's your gameplan for Manny from now until fight time?

FR -  We have another hard week ahead of us.  We will box 8 rounds tomorrow, 6 on Thursday, and 4 on Saturday.  On Monday we'll drive to Vegas, the group of us. 

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for Manny's fans?

FR – I want to thank the people of The Philippines for all of the hospitality.  I thank them for honoring my request to give Manny his space.  It's nice to be home, but I really miss The Philippines.


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