Rivera to Spinks: "Sign the papers and let’s get it over with!"

By Percy Crawford


Rivera to Spinks: "Sign the papers and let’s get it over with!"

Rivera responds to Team Spinks

Percy Crawford: What’s good with you Jose?

Jose Rivera: Just waiting to hear from Don King about my next possible fight. Just working and training just so I can be ready.

PC: You say you’re waiting on Don King. Does that mean you haven’t gotten any offers on the Cory Spinks fight?

JR: I wish I had that offer for the Cory Spinks fight. I read about Cory Spinks talking about a possible unification fight with me and his manager is talking a lot of shit, but to be honest with you, that’s just them running off at the mouth. Believe me, I am down. All they have to do is sign the papers and the fight is on!

PC: In the interview that you’re referring to Cory said he would “box your socks off.” How would a fight with you be any different from his slick style that he used against every other stalker type fighter and had success against?

JR: Well you know, I wouldn’t call the fight he had against Karmazin slick boxing. He ran like a chicken against Karmazin and he calls that a masterpiece. I don’t think he would be able to deal with the pressure I put on him. Don’t talk, just sign the papers!

PC: I know that you read everything that Kevin Cunningham said.

JR: Yep

PC: What do you think about Cory’s trainer calling you a bum?

JR: Well, there is nothing really to say about it. I mean the man just told you what kind of person he is. This guy is an ex-police officer- you kind of question the kind of work he did when he was out in the streets. He’s out there calling guys bums and his fighter just squeaked by a decision for the championship. That takes nerves.

PC: What do you think about the ring walks that Cory Spinks has?

JR: You know, I don’t mind it. He’s always done it as far as I can see. If I were to fight him, it wouldn’t bother me none. That’s what he likes to do, that’s what he likes to do. Some people like it, some people don’t; I don’t mind it at all.

PC: So if you fought him and you walked to the ring first and had to wait 15 minutes for him to get in the ring, that wouldn’t bother you?

JR: Nope, not at all. As long as when the bell rings, me and him are getting it on!

PC: In the perfect world, what would be the perfect date for you for a Rivera vs. Spinks fight?

JR: I would say some time in October or November. Even if it was December, as long as it was some time this year.

PC: Your trainer, John Scully, seems to be getting very agitated with the comments from Cunningham. How personal is this getting and would you still be willing to go to St. Louis to fight Cory?

JR: I don’t see it being personal at all. At least I don’t take it personal. To me, that’s just some guy talking smack, ya know? Scully, it bothers him of course because he’s my trainer and I’m his fighter. Naturally it’s going to bother my trainer because somebody’s talking shit about your fighter. We just keep it real. Let’s fight. If your class and your way is talking shit, then fine. But don’t talk shit and then don’t sign the papers. You gotta put your money where your mouth is. If you’re going to say that I’m a bum, then sign the papers and let me show you what kind of bum I am. That’s all I want.

PC: Are you still willing to go to St. Louis?

JR: I am willing to go to St. Louis. I have no problem with going to St. Louis.

PC: So, it’s all about him signing the contract?

JR: That’s what it’s all up to. Now the fans can see if he is all mouth, all flash, or is he gonna fight. Is he gonna fight or is he gonna keep running his mouth?

PC: Cory seems to fatigue late in fights. In your last fight, you knocked Garcia down 5 times including a knockdown with 10 seconds left in the fight which shows you keep power throughout the fight. Do you think his stamina or conditioning would be a reason you can jump on him, beat him and possibly KO him?

JR: Well, whether he has the conditioning problem or not, I’m gonna be on his chest for 12 rounds. He’s gotta be ready to go 12 rounds. Do I think I can beat him? Yes I think I can beat him. I even feel like I can wear him out in the early rounds and possibly knock him out. There’s also the possibility that the fans are gonna get to see him run around the ring for 12 rounds and just try and survive. That’s a possibility to. I can’t control what he does, I can only tell you what I’m gonna do.

PC: I’m sure Kevin and Cory will read this interview. What do you have to say to them?

JR: Like I’ve been saying all along, it’s okay to talk shit and flex your muscles and brag about how good you are, but that don’t make the fight happen. Sign the papers and let’s get it over with.

PC: Off of Spinks for a second. What have you been doing to keep yourself busy inside and outside of boxing?

JR: Well, outside of boxing I just spend as much time with my family as possible because once I get down into training camp, I don’t get to see my family much at all. It’s just work and training. And as far as boxing, I just stay in the gym, keep busy and try and workout 5 times a week.

PC: For anybody out there who has never seen Jose Rivera fight, what do you bring to the table?

JR: I bring exciting fights. I’m a boxer-puncher. I can brawl with the best of them. And if I have to outbox somebody, I can and I have! I like to be in exciting fights. If Cory brings it the way he says he brings it, then the people will have an exciting fight on their hands.

PC: What style do you think you would see if you and Spinks were to fight…the aggressive Spinks (first Zab Judah fight) or cautious (Roman Karmazin)?

JR: The same thing he did against Roman Karmazin. I think he keeps having little flashbacks of what Zab Judah done to him and he don’t want that to happen again. So he’s gonna do what he does best- run!

PC: You have any closing thoughts for the Boxingtalk fans?

JR: Just get the fans out there demanding this fight. So Cory Spinks can back his word up and sign the papers so we can begin to unify these titles.

PC: Thanks, Jose! I appreciate your time.

JR: Thank you, anytime man.


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