Riot Ready to attack


Riot Ready to attack

PRESS RELEASE:  A good record can be a blessing, but it sure can be a curse too. For undefeated Egyptian light middleweight Ahmed “The Riot” Mustafa (10-0, 8 KOs) the latter is the case, as no one seems willing to take him on. Unlike most up-and-coming prospects, Mustafa is ready to risk his impressive statistics against anyone at anytime, and would be happy to travel to his opponent backyard to do so. Title fight, eight-rounder, ten-rounder, it doesn’t matter to him…

“There is no one left for Ahmed to fight in Egypt, and the economy is not there in Egyptian boxing to bring in quality opponents from abroad, so if we want him tested against high-class opposition there is nothing else to do but to go to Europe” says Danish manager Henrik Risum. “I know the comparison might sound strange, but we feel a little bit like (world light heavyweight champion) Glen Johnson: We don’t claim Mustafa is the best, but he is the guy who is willing to fight the best! And thats more than can be said of most boxers.” 

Mustafa holds the WBB and Egyptian 154 Lb. belts, but can fight at welter and middleweight too. And moving north or south of his normal weight class is something he would gladly do in exchange for a chance to be tested and make a mark.

Fully aware that it sounds cliché, Risum finishes: “I think people are scared of Ahmed. He looks mean, fights hard, and knocks people out. And I can understand why a manager with a young boxer doesn’t want to risk putting his boy in with “The Riot”, and that’s why we hope a champion of some sorts wants a challenge. Give me a call, or drop me a line, and I’ll be happy to send you a tape if you are serious and not just looking for free entertainment.”

Win, lose or draw, Ahmed Mustafa just wants to fight. He wants to fight ANYBODY who thinks they are good! “The Riot” is eager to attack…but who?