Ricardo Mayorga: Fernando Vargas will start dressing like Oscar De La Hoya after I knock him out!

By G. Leon


Ricardo Mayorga: Fernando Vargas will start dressing like Oscar De La Hoya after I knock him out!

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the postponement? Can you give us some thoughts on why you feel Vargas pushed the fight back?

Ricardo Mayorga: "As always thank you for the interview, I always love talking with you and Boxingtalk. I don't believe for one minute that he was suffering from any sort of medical condition. He was way too heavy to make the weight, which is just what I said at the first press conference, so what he's doing is he's using that as an excuse so he can make the weight."

GL: It's funny you say that because I spoke with Kermit Cintron shortly after the cancelation and he told me that he was willing to fight you at 154 but you were having a hard time making 162. Is that true?

RM: "He just won the title three or four days before that press conference, but that's not true, I was ready to fight on September 8." [Editor's note: Kermit Cintron has held the IBF welterweight title since 2006].

GL: If you were ready then are you concerned about overtraining for this fight?

RM: "There's no reason for me to lie. There's never been an issue for me to make the weight, especially at 160 or 162. I was ready to fight and when the fight got postponed I was close to being on weight, so I don't know who's lying to Kermit Cintron."

GL: So your prediction hasn't changed, Vargas is getting stopped early?

RM: "If he stands in front of me it's not going to last more than two rounds. If he runs I'll catch up to him and end his boxing career two rounds later."

GL: So to be clear, you don't feel Vargas was suffering from any medical problem, you just feel he was overweight, correct?

RM: "He's a fatass. We gave him all the time he needed, we agreed to his weight and he couldn't make it. I saw pictures of him at some red carpet event and he looked like he was over 200 pounds."

GL: You've made it clear that you plan on returning to welterweight. Does keeping this extra weight on for an extra couple of months prolong that move any?

RM: "My purpose here and my motivation is to go down to welterweight and fight the best down there, which we all know is Floyd Mayweather. If by whatever chance I stay a little heavy at 154, I'll make a quick stop to fight Vernon Forrest and then go for Floyd."

GL: Obviously you still want to fight De La Hoya again, do you care to comment on that?

RM: "Oscar is a marquee name in the business and I would love to fight him again. The only difference here is the rematch would be a completely different story. Minus the fishnest and the wigs it would be a great fight."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

RM: "I'd like to thank God and I'd like to thank you for the interview. I want to tell Vargas that he can run but he can't hide. After this fight is over with and I knock him out, he could put on the fishnets, the wigs and the heels. Tell him to give the crowd a concert because he's not going to give them a great performance that night."