Ray Mercer in MMA bout this weekend

By Jim Barleib


Ray Mercer in MMA bout this weekend

Street fighter Kimbo Slice, who made a name for himself posting his videos on the Internet, will face former WBO heavyweight titlist Ray Mercer in the MMA cage at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City this weekend.  Slice has made a name for himself laying waste to opponents, and in at least one case, getting whooped by an off-duty cop, in alleyways, backyards and backrooms all the while growing in popularity via his Internet clips. Mercer reached stardom with Olympic gold in 1988 and then by reigning as the WBO titlist from 1990-1992. His knockout of Tommy Morrison is an all-time classic. As long as fights have been televised, average working class men have claimed that they could beat professionals in the ring.  On June 23, 2007 we'll find out if raw instinct can beat experience and power when Kimbo Slice faces Ray Mercer.

Fight card:
    •     Ray Mercer vs. Kimbo Slice (Heavyweight)
    •     Josh Rhodes vs. Noah Inhofer (CFFC Light Heavyweight Title)
    •     Devidas Taurosevicius vs. Kevin Roddy (NABC Lightweight Title)
    •     Gregor Gracie vs. Josh Lydell (Welterweight)
    •     Dante Rivera vs. Alexis Aquino (NABC Middleweight Title)
    •     Mike Varner vs. Nick Serra (CFFC Welterweight Title)
    •     Jim Miller vs. Anthony Morrison (CFFC Lightweight Title)
    •     Nick Catone vs. John Howard (CFFC Middleweight Title)
    •     Doug Gordon vs. Lyman Good (Welterweight)
    •     Brian DeMuro vs. Al Buck (Welterweight)

Prediction:  Due to Mercer's advanced age (46) and Kimbo's lack of ring experience I don't see this fight going to the score cards or even making it out of the first round.   Both men are strong enough to throw bombs and to absorb some punishment but in the end I see Mercer winning by KO in the first.  I think that despite not always being on top of his game Mercer has always been one of the heaviest hitters in any type of fighting.   While Kimbo can definitely take a punch as evidenced in his videos I don't think that he will be able to withstand the type of power that Mercer will throw at him.   This will be an exciting, crowd pleasing fight with Mercer's hand being raised at the end.