Raul Marquez Taking All Comers, Including Winky Wright

By G. Leon


Raul Marquez Taking All Comers, Including Winky Wright

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on your victory over Bronco McKart? "First of all it's great to be back on Boxingtalk, thanks for the phone call. I feel great! I'm very excited about the win, it was a good win for me. I looked at the fight and I did a lot of great things, I put my punches together and I did everything I was doing in the gym. Bronco McKart is a great fighter, I know he trained hard, he was in great shape, but he did a lot of holding and he knew how to survive. I felt if he wasn't holding on or the referee would have warned him for holding, I would have been able to stop him. But a win is a win and I'm looking forward to bigger and better things."

GL: Do you think the decision should have been unanimous?

Raul Marquez: "Absolutely. I felt like I won eight out of the ten rounds, maybe one to McKart and one even. Of course fighting in his hometown, one judge had it for him but I have no idea what fight he was looking at."

GL: Where do you go from here and what does this victory do for you?

RM: "I proved that I still have a lot to give boxing. I'm a top ten fighter and I'm in line to fight any of the world champions out there or any of the guys that boxing experts like Mr. Leon are talking about. I'm not going to mention any names, any of the young guys that the people at HBO, Showtime are talking about, I'm available to fight any of those guys."

GL: If you  can't get any of the young guys, would you be willing to fight Winky Wright?

RM: "Absolutely. Winky Wright fought Bronco McKart three times, and one of the fights was VERY close. He's a left hander, so am I and I would be more than willing to fight him."

GL: What's the soonest you could return to the ring?

RM: "Maybe July. I'm going to take a week off and then get right back to the gym. This is a 24/7 job, I'm motivated, I'm excited and I look forward to bigger and better things next. I hope a lot of the guys out there stop ducking Raul Marquez. I want to make fights that the fans want to see, I'm willing to fight anybody who matters."

GL:  Arthur Abraham is talking about making his US debut on June 21, is that something that interests you?

RM: "Yeah, but as we all know it looks like he's going to be fighting my stablemate, Miranda in a rematch. But if that can't be made, I would love to welcome Arthur Abraham to America. I think I would be a very suitable opponent to fight either Abraham or Sturm. He just fought Ayala and it surprised me that Ayala went twelve rounds with him. Ayala won the fight with other bum Sergio Mora, and I don't know why he's getting a shot at Vernon Forrest, but it is what iIt is this boxing business."

GL: Closing thoughts?

RM: "I'm glad to be back on Boxingtalk so I can let the people know what's going on with me. Raul Marquez is back and I hope everybody out there sees that and hears that I'm ready to make it happen, bigger and better things, I'm ready."


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