Raul Marquez Ready To Unretire Himself..Again!

By G. Leon


Raul Marquez Ready To Unretire Himself..Again!

Marquez Speaks On Potential Comeback!

After a spirited, but one sided loss to unbeaten middleweight Jermain Taylor, Raul "El Diamante" Marquez, for the second time, announced his retirement from the ring. It appears that Marquez's second retirement-much his first- will end up being more of an extended vacation than actual retirement. "I still want to do this, boxing is still my life and when I sit back and see what's out here I know I can make some noise if I do things the right way this time."

Marquez's explained his idea as to how things should be "done right this time" by telling Boxingtalk.com, "Instead of just jumping right into big fights I may not be fully prepared for, I believe that if I win a few fights on Telefutura or something  I'll be in the mix for a big fight with somebody. And if nothing big comes up, I'll just keep fighting and keep winning until it does. I keep myself in great shape, boxing is still in me. I love commentating on boxing, I'm at a lot of the fights and it's still something I have in my blood."

Marquez mentioned both Top Rank Inc. and Golden Boy Promotions as the two main promoters he'd hope to make a deal with. "I have a lot of respect for Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions, they've both helped my career a great deal and I plan on seeing how they feel about working with me on this."


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