Ramos fire backs at Oquendo with "facts and the truth!"

By G. Leon


Ramos fire backs at Oquendo with "facts and the truth!"

"At this moment we are in negotiations to release Fres from his contract. I think we are very close to the amount of money that I am willing to accept to release this guy. I would like to respond to different things he said in your interview with him. He said Papa almost forced him to get into the contract, that was a complete lie. He had enough time to decide whether he wanted to do it or not. He along with his brother Henry, who was advising him, they agreed to sign the contract with me. Papa Trinidad would never force him to do anything. I can't imagine how an older guy can force a 220 pound man to sign a paper. Fres Oquendo is a complete liar and being a complete liar is what's had him in trouble for almost the last five years. He came to Puerto Rico to Papa Trinidad with a bunch of lies and that's why he's getting sued by the manager in Chicago, Michael Joyce. Fres committed fraud with the contract and things like that so Papa Trinidad entered the suit too. This guy has been saying so many lies that I think he's starting to believe his own lies." Read on to see what else Fres Oquendo's manager Jose "Pepe" Ramos had to say.

"This is a sick man. And when he spoke about his manager getting more money than him for his fights with Byrd and Ruiz, I was surprised. Not only is it false, but also from my money I gave money to him to help him because he was losing his home in Puerto Rico. He was in very bad shape economically and Papa Trinidad and I helped him and I paid Papa back for him, but even so at this moment he still owes money to Tito and a lot of other people in Puerto Rico. And I have records of it all in case we have to go to court. And some of these people might go after him legally to get their money back. I never wanted to say any of this publicly or try to damage his image, but since he's come out and tried to damage my image I will tell you the truth.

"He's a complete liar. This man committed bank fraud against Don King Productions and against myself and I have proof of that also. He began to do things that aren't for people who are right. I believe he is being given very bad advice by friends and family. After the fight John Ruiz when he asked for the release, he said I was the reason his career was stopped. It wasn't because of me, it was because of him. After he lost to John Ruiz I already got him another fight three months later and he didn't even want to enter into conversation. Since then he could have fought four of five times, including the two card with Tito Trinidad. I just want to clarify that I never got more money than him, I dealt with Don King in a fair manner, protecting his rights. But he was the one who had a hidden agenda against me from the begininng. The fight with Ruiz is when this guy showed what he really is. I have proof of what I am telling you. This guy committed bank fraud and if we have to go to court, I will show them. I'm a professional, I challenge him to prove to you what he's saying to you. But I have proof of what I am saying and I can fax it to you right now if you want.

"He makes all these false accusations but he's the one who breaches the contracts and that's why he's been getting sued for the last five years. Now he's doing it again and he wants to look like the victim when he's the one who isn't doing the right thing. I just wanted to clarify this situation with you. The only way he could show you a check that less than mine is because he owed money to Don King because of his legal situation. It's not that I made more money, it's that I never owed money to King from his case in Chicago. It's not my fault that Don King took the money back. His attitude is the reason he's been going down this road.

"I also think people should realize that his people aren't moving forward with him until this is fixed. His new promoter (Lou DiBella) is powerful and very well advised legally. And it should say something that after seeing the case they don't want to move forward until he first gets his situation with me resolved.


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