Rabah responds to N'dou's 'nonsense'!

By Harry Summers


Rabah responds to N'dou's 'nonsense'!

Lovemore N'dou is back to what he does best-whining. Throwing out a desperate plea to secure an undeserved payday against 140lb champ Ricky Hatton on May 13. Lovemore, haven't you had enough chances? How many title fights/eliminators does a guy have to lose before he's tossed into the scrapheap? Apparently in your case, not enough.

You call yourself the "gatekeeper" of the junior welterweight division? Mate, get a sense of reality. Your gate well and truly fell off the hinges for good against Junior Witter.

You say the rightful IBF mandatory Naoufel Ben Rabah "can't fight"? Answer this Lovemore. Then why did you knock back Rabah's countless challenges, including a $40,000, winner-take-all showdown in December 2004? That's a lot of money to fight somebody you proclaim is a nobody.

You say Ben Rabah isn't a "HBO TV fighter"? I didn't know the criteria to fight on HBO was going 2-5 in the USA, with the only two victories coming against mediocre lightweights.

Even more absurd is your comments that Ben Rabah hasn't "beaten anybody". Arturo Morua is somebody. When was the last time you beat a fighter ranked top 10 in all four major sanctioning bodies? Or shoot, even someone that is remotely world class? I'm sorry but South American taxi drivers don't count.

Lovemore, I find it amusing that you're concerned a potential Rabah-Hatton showdown will be a "mismatch". If I remember right, you and your former management made equally ludicrous remarks about Hatton not too long ago, questioning his "heart and courage" and claiming he can't fight a lick. Well, if Ben Rabah can't fight a lick, and Hatton can't fight a lick as you say, then HBO may be in for a damn fine treat!

The truth is, Lovemore, Hatton would outhustle you, and Ben Rabah would outspeed, outbox, and outsmart you.

You've proven you can't rise to the next plateau. Ben Rabah will.

Rabah is 10-0 (6 KO's) since joining Harry's Gym. The same gym which has guided Chris "The Dragon" John to the legitimate 126lb throne, with victories over Derrick "Smoke" Gainer and Juan Manuel Marquez. The same gym which is home to WBO #1 and undefeated 154lber, Daniel "The Rock" Dawson, and WBO #2 featherweight "Superman" Gairy St. Clair.

Fighters from Harry's Gym don't fight for money. They fight for glory. Ben Rabah is the true African warrior, you are not Lovemore.

Lovemore, I find your process of eliminating Vivian Harris from contention ironic too. You say that fight is a backwards step for Hatton, as Harris lost to Carlos Maussa, who Hatton just beat. Well, going along that way of rationalizing, Rabah beat Morua, who beat Maussa, who beat Harris, who beat Jose Luis Juarez, who beat you Lovemore. I guess you're eliminated too!

Lovemore N'dou, the boxing world is tired of you sending out more open letters than Fed Ex. Here's a thought. Win a fight that actually counts, then open your mouth. Maybe people will read your "press releases" for reasons other than unintentional comedic entertainment then.