Quick Q&A with Bob Arum

By G. Leon


Quick Q&A with Bob Arum

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the Floyd Mayweather-Zab Judah fight? "Floyd showed that he is the greatest fighter in the world. He completely outclassed Zab Judah. He started strong and Floyd then took him apart. If it wasn't for the low-blow, the rabbit punch and the melee afterwards, Floyd would have knocked him out in the eleventh or twelfth round."

GL: What are your thoughts on the altercation that took place in the tenth round?

Bob Arum: "As far as the low blow is concerned, I'm not a mind reader and you can't really say if it was intentional or not. What clearly was intentional, when Floyd was hit low and doubled over, Judah hit him on the back of the head with all of his power. That was the most flagrant foul. There's no question that wasn't an accident and he should have been disqualified for that."

GL: Do you concede that Roger Mayweather was pretty foolish for jumping in the ring that way?

BA: Mayweather should not have jumped in the ring. Even though Richard Steele called time, he could have handled the situation himself. Roger is emotionally involved with Floyd, it's his nephew. He saw a flagrant foul and unwisely jumped into the ring."

GL: What's next for Floyd?

BA: "We're looking forward to fighting in July on a PPV card. We mentioned three names. Margarito, De la Hoya and Mosley. Mosley is occupied in July with a fight against Fernando Vargas. De La Hoya is scheduled to fight in May versus Mayorga. That leaves Margarito as the most likely opponent and I think it would be a tremendous match. I'll be talking to Al Haymon this week about the terms of making that match happen."


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