Q & A: Vitali Klitschko

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Q & A: Vitali Klitschko

Vitali, what do you think of this fight?  Wladimir proved that three years ago he lost to Brewster due to an outside influence. You mentioned that the World Chess Champion Wladimir Kramnik was present at Wladimir’s fight. What did he think? He thought that Wladimir was well prepared and was able to control the fight from the start. It was only a matter of time before Wladimir would checkmate Brewster.

How do you think Wladimir performed in the ring? Do you have any remarks?
No remarks toward Wladimir. It is obvious that Wladimir had an advantage in both speed and style. His jab did most of the work, and kept Brewster at a distance. With every punch Lamon became weaker. Wladimir once again proved and rather convincible, that he is the best heavyweight in the world.

Vitali, some people have already started voicing their disappointment that Wladimir wasn’t able to knockout his opponent…
If Buddy McGirt didn’t stop the fight, it would have ended by a knockout in the seventh round. Already in the six round Lamon wasn’t able to block most of Wladimir’s punches. I can understand why boxing fans may be disappointed, but as an athlete I fully agree with Buddy’s decision. Lamon lost the fight but at least he didn’t lose his health.

Vitali, is it possible to say that Wladimir’s next fight will be a unification of the championship titles?
Wladimir, for a long time has put a goal before himself – to unify the heavyweight division. A question remains - which one of the current champions is willing to accept his challenge? Boxing fans have been waiting for a long time for such a fight and they deserve it…

Vitali, who do you think will challenge Wladimir?
Any one of the current heavyweight champions can either challenge Wladimir or accept Wladimir’s challenge….