Q & A: Felix "Tito" Trinidad

By Phillip Gonzalez


Q & A: Felix "Tito" Trinidad

Q: Tito, how do you feel about the fans reaction to you during your shirt give away? "I want to thank all of the people that have attended this eveny. We are backing are words to all of our fans, and we're going to back up everything that we said at the press conference.

Q: How do you want the people to receive you after the fight on May 14?

Tito Trinidad: "Honestly it will be a great day for most of the people in Puerto Rico. Please wear the T-Shirt on that day because when I arrive back home we're going to have a huge party."

Q:  Tito we all know you're a hard training boxer, but aren't you supposed to be in the gym right now?

Tito Trinidad: Well, right now it's pretty early in the morning. I will be going to the gym when we finish up here. I already did my daily runs at five o'clock in the morning. I have a pretty hard routine from Monday-Saturday and sometime it's tough, but it's all right. On May 15 Winky Wright will pay for agreeing to fight me."

Q: Tito are there any new techniques in preparation that will help you succeed on May 14?

Tito Trinidad: "As always, I have been a very disciplined fighter and on May 14 you will see the result of my entire preparation and training regime. Be sure that on May 14, Tito Trinidad is going to win."