Promoter taunts Botha


Promoter taunts Botha

PRESS RELEASE: Surprisingly Francois Botha pulled out of the fight against arena’s “heavyweight sensation” Odlanier Solis on December 23rd in Halle. The “White Buffalo” doesn’t paw the ground but draws in his horns instead. Arena-CEO Ahmet Öner: “I believe Botha didn’t know who Solis was when he took the fight. Then he read some articles, watched some tapes and was warned by friends and pulled out. It’s sad because it would have been a good test for Solis. Botha is a very experienced fighter who fought for the World Championship four times. It’s hard to find an adequate replacement for such a name – especially at a short-term pull out like this. It’s always hard to find opponents for Solis because everybody is afraid of his power and accuracy; no boxer in the world wants to be knocked out!”

But of course, Öner found a new opponent for his “jewel from the Caribbean”. Solis will take on 7’ 1’’ tall Julius Long from Detroit, Michigan. The “Towering Inferno” stands at 15-8 with 13 stoppages. Like Botha Long has some K1-fights in his record as well. He was sparring partner for many opponents of former WBA World heavyweight champion Nikolay Valuev including Ruslan Chagaev who dethroned the “Russian Giant” in April 2007.

And what does Solis think about his new opponent who is about 1 foot taller than him? “I don’t care who I’m fighting. I’m gonna win anyways. Don’t they say ‘The taller they are the harder they fall’?”

For Solis the name of the opponent seems to be less important than the chance to fight for his first title. By beating Long he could become WBC Latino Champion and add the first golden belt to the golden teeth, rings and chains he loves to wear. Öner: “This will be the first of many title fights for Solis. He is the next big thing in heavyweight boxing!”

There will be two other titles on the line at arena’s show on December 23rd in Halle. Konstantin Airich and Turhan Altunkaya fight for the German Interim heavyweight championship. And former World heavyweight champion Herbie Hide takes on unbeaten Russian Mikhail Nasyrov for the vacant WBC International title.