Promoter plans tribute to Gerald McClellan

By Matt Goldstein


Promoter plans tribute to Gerald McClellan

Boxingtalk: What’s the next show you have coming up?

Damon Feldman:  We’re going to do a tribute to Gerald McClellan. We’re going to do a big thing with him May 20th.  He’s going to be in attendance with his sister. It’s going to be a televised event; it’s probably going to be at the Aston Iceworks in Aston, PA. 

Boxingtalk: Is it going to be televised onCN8?

Damon Feldman:  Yes, it’s going to be on taped delay.

Boxingtalk: Why do you do shows on tape delay by the way?

Damon Feldman:  It’s not good to have it live because it prevents ticket sales and things like that, so I do it on tape delay. 

Boxingtalk:  Do you know who you’re going to have on the card?

Damon Feldman:  Omar Pittman going to fight an eight rounder, possibly Frank “the Animal” Bialowas will be back.  We’re still in the works right now, but the whole sell is going to be the big tribute to McClellan, it’s his first time in Philly.  You know the whole thing's a touchy subject but I followed him my whole career. 

Boxingtalk: do you think Frank Bialowas has a good shot at becoming pro?  (Bialowas is a former Philadelphia Flyer and Phantom.) 

Damon Feldman:  Well, anything’s possible.  He has the heart for it and he has the dedication.  He’s got a great management team from the Flyers championship team in bob Kelly and with Augie Scimeca.

Boxingtalk: How successful was your show the other night? 

Damon Feldman:  We had about 4000 people in attendance.  You know, it’s tough to do it in big arenas.  Boxing is at an all time low right now, so you just gotta have a few gimmicks to keep things
going on. 

Boxingtalk:  What actually happened with Rock
Allen’s opponent?

Damon Feldman:  Well he called to say he didn’t wantto fight.  You Know, I’m not going to say anything bad about him, I just don’t know what happened to him.  He was all into it, signed the contract and they he said he was not up for it.  Also, Rock has a good possibility of being on the May 20 card as well. 

Boxingtalk: Do you think Rock’s going to turn pro before then? 

Damon Feldman:  I’m hoping not.

Boxingtalk: Weren’t you talking about doing a show in Reading? 

Damon Feldman:  I like to stay in my area.  I was going to do something in Reading, but it’s better to stay in my area.   

Boxingtalk: What do you think is going to happen to your heavyweight who lost the other night, John Poore? 

Damon Feldman:  Well, we’ll go back to the drawing board again.  He has a good record and it was a good learning experience for him and he’ll be back.  He’ll get back into the ring knowing the mistakes he’s made and he’ll be a better fighter now.  He’s got a good record and he’s a tough hard puncher.     

Boxingtalk: I most of his mistakes were defensive the other night and being lazy. 

Damon Feldman:  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It wasn’t the same guy I saw in the gym.  But you know, what can you say?

Boxingtalk:  Anything else you want to say? 

Damon Feldman:  I’m hoping to stage a major fight by the end of the year.  I’m working on a lot of big things right now as we speak.  Boxing is at an all time low right now and it’s just a question of coming up with the right fighters and the right gimmicks to build a foundation and capitalize where other people
might be making mistakes.     

Boxingtalk: By major fight do you mean HBO, Showtime, and ESPN? 

Damon Feldman:  Well, ESPN, that’s fine.  I want to do the big shows like HBO and Showtime, but I’m talking to some people right now and I think that I’ll end up pulling something big. 

Boxingtalk: What fighters do you actually have signed? 

Damon Feldman:  Well I got fighters like Pauli Caputi, Joe Damelavez, John Poore, Dan Mallarkey, Bialowas. That’s about it right now.  A lot of guys want to sign with me but I’m not the type of guy to just sign anybody. 

Boxingtalk: Is this big fight card coming going to be in Philly? 

Damon Feldman:  My whole goal is to bring a major title fight to Philly. 

Boxingtalk: Don’t you think same day weigh-ins are tough and create a difficult atmosphere to bring a title fight to Philly? 

Damon Feldman:  I do think the weigh in should be the night before so the fighter can relax.  You don’t know who you’re seeing in the ring and things like that.  I’m friends with Greg Serb but a lot of the other guys running boxing come from other sports.  And they don’t know what’s going on. 

Boxingtalk: Well, congratulations on your
successful show the other night.

Damon Feldman:  Thank You. 




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