Pro Boxing Hits Palm Beach Convention Center


Pro Boxing Hits Palm Beach Convention Center

PRESS RELEASE: The newly formed Haitian Sensation Promotions (HSP) contracted with the Palm Beach County Convention Center today marking the beginning of what Daniel Edouard, CEO President of HSP, hopes will be a uniquely prosperous future.

“The goal of HSP” said Edouard, “is to provide an amazing atmosphere of professional boxing to the public without screwing the athletes in the process.  Having a venue as tremendous as the Convention Center working with us will ensure us of a high profile event capable of meeting the diverse needs and accommodations of our South Florida population.”

The Convention Center was selected for its central location, abundance of space and overall appeal, Edouard said.  “We want to do something for Palm Beach County on a scale worthy of national recognition.  Something that will make people stand up and take notice of what Palm Beach County has to offer.  We are county of abundance but are often overlooked for the two large markets just south of us.”

“The first scheduled bout card” according to Tim Walker, Chief Operations Officer, “occurs May 7th.  We are negotiating with networks and fighters to bring a high quality bout card to the public that will be the subject of water cooler conversations around the country.”

HSP, to enhance the success of this event, will erect a performance stage in the venue where national and local talent can entertain the public.  “We are in discussions” according to Walker “with International Superstar Wyclef Jean for a performance and comedian Benji Brown to host the event.”  Other talent includes melodic metal band Injury Clinic, up and coming rappers Suave Smooth and O’Low Da Dizasta and international compas star Sweet Micky.  During intermissions and breaks DJ Suicide of WEDR 99 Jamz will entertain the crowd.  “This combination of national talent and local artistry will attract thousands of attendees and garner attention from around the country.  Don’t be surprised if you see a few Dolphin and Heat players like Madison, Greenwood and McMichael in the audience as well as a few others.

General admission starts at $20 with ringside seating being only slightly higher.  VIP seating is also available.  For information please contact the Convention Center at (561) 366-3000 or HSP at (561) 357-3443.