Prince Naseem Hamed Interview


Prince Naseem Hamed Interview

"I'm going to get back in town and get back to doing what I do best and that's knock people out!"

Boxingtalk's Mike Walters was on hand for this MUST READ interview with former featherweight kingpin Prince Naseem Hamed at the Joe Calzaghe-Jeff Lacy fight in Manchester, England. You definitely don't want to miss what the Prince had to say about his comeback at super featherweight.

Q: A lot of talk about a comeback. Can you give us any insight on that?

NH: "Yeah 100%, obviously I've been out of the ring spending quality time with my kids bringing them up like a dad should do. I know y'all guys in the States want me to bring some more drama so I've been telling people that God willing I'm going to get back in town and back to doing what I do best and that's taking people out."

Q: When can we expect you to come back and at what weight?

NH: "I reckon I'm going to be doing it where they're all at and where the most money is and that's super featherweight and you can expect the same Nas. There's one thing about me for my career and I've had a successful one thank God for that, and it's all thank to Allah. When you don't get beat up, when you don't get deteriorated, when you don't get exposed, you can come back whenever you want. I tell these guys don't call it a comeback I've been here for years. I've reigned for years. I took a little step out of the game and I'll be coming back in. As bad as it in boxing now, the excitement has lacked a lot. We need some sparkle back in the game and I don't think you're looking too far from that sparkle coming back in. We need to get back."

Q: Boxing seems to be needing a spark, is there something you want to bring back to us?

NH: "What I do best in entertain, I don't come just to fight, I come with a show. I come with a front flip, I come with a knockout and there's not many people in boxing doing that."