Pressure and Time is on Famoso's Side

By Darren Nichols


Pressure and Time is on Famoso's Side

"I like to pressure my opponent to see how much he can take."

BoxingTalk:  Carlos, how did preparation for this fight against Sean Plessis go?

Carlos Hernandez:  It was good.  It was hard.  I’ve sparred with Randy Suico, who is fighting Juan Diaz this Saturday.  I have had a great camp for this fight, and all the work I’ve done in the past two and a half months will show up in the ring on Friday.

BoxingTalk:  You always bring your best in every fight, and you are never afraid to stand toe-to-toe with your opponent.  Can we expect to see the same in this fight?

Carlos Hernandez:  Yes, it will be the same Carlos Hernandez, the same Famoso.  I can box but I choose not to, because I like to pressure my opponent to see how much he can take.  If he can take it then we will go twelve rounds.  If he can’t then he’ll get tired, and then end will come sooner.  That’s my style.  It feels good, and I feel good when I put that kind of pressure on my opponent.  Again, I know I can box, but that all goes out the window when I need to step it up.  That is my natural style of fighting.

BoxingTalk:  And that is why you have earned the reputation that you have over you boxing career.

Carlos Hernandez:  I try not to give my fans a boring fight.  I like going after them.  I like going after my opponent the way Mike Tyson did.

BoxingTalk:  What do you know about your opponent, Sean Plessis?

Carlos Hernandez:  I know he’s a hungry young man, and very excited from what I’ve seen.  He’s in good spirits, and when a fighter like that comes into the ring he’ll want to come in and push me around.  However, I’ll be there to meet him with my right hand.

BoxingTalk:  Plessis is on an 8-fight win streak, but has not had a knockout win in over two years.  Do you feel your power will be the key to victory in this fight?

Carlos Hernandez:  No.  I think the key to my victory will be my experience.  I’m bringing 15 years of experience to the ring.

BoxingTalk:  What is your game plan coming into your fight against Plessis?

Carlos Hernandez:  I want to impose my experience on him.

BoxingTalk:  With disappointing and controversial losses in your last two fights, do you feel you are fighting with your back up against the wall this time around?

Carlos Hernandez:  I do a bit.  I feel a little pressure, some pressure I haven’t felt before.  I’m trying to forget about it though.  I don’t want to think about it.  With my last two fights being split decisions and highly contested, I know I have to win on Friday.



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