Power Productions at the Armory

By Reg Jones


Power Productions at the Armory

The tradition of Philadelphia boxing continued last night at the Armory in northeast Philadelphia with a six bout card promoted by Power Productions. The evening started with an immediate announcement that Tim Witherspoon would not be fighting, due to an injury, which the crowd kindly responded to with “boos”. Howard Lederman from HBO was in attendance ringside.  The main event showcased unbeaten junior middleweight Harry Yorgey(12-0) against Sean Holly( 8-11)2 KOs of Los Angeles, California. The over-matched Holly was in trouble as soon as the bell rang for round one, Yorgey came right after Holly landing a left hook to Holly’s jaw that dropped Holly. Holly attempted to get up but stumbled to a corner and referee Eddie Cotton called the fight. The first round technical knock out, improves Yorgey to (13-0.). The opening fight a four round junior middleweight bout, paired Darren Fallen(9-3) 5Kos of Philadelphia PA against John Vaughan of Kansas City, MO(6-11) 3Kos.  Fallen entered round one dictating the pace of the fight, and landing clean shots to Vaughan’s head. In round two, Fallen picked up the pace even more, landing a clean right hand, flush on Vaughan that sent the Missouri native to the canvas in serious trouble. Vaughan nicknamed “Dabomb” survived the ten-count but to no avail, Fallen scurried across the ring and landed a barrage of punches that dropped “Dabomb” again. Referee Sean Clark had seen enough and called the fight. Fallen improves to (10-3).

The second bout of the evening, a middleweight fight, joined two Irish fighters Brian Donahue(1-0) and Cecil Yost (1-3), which turned out to be the best match-up of the evening. Both entered round one, testing the others chin and body. Round two Donahue lands a right upper-cut that lifted Yost on to his toes, by far the best punch of the fight. The two Irish fighters made an excellent showing in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Yost cruised to a Majority decision, the score cards were (38-38)(39-37)(39-37). Gabriel Rosado (2-0) kept his undefeated record in place by defeating Anthony Ambrams (1-4) in a junior middleweight bout. Ambrams attempted to go toe to toe with Rosado, which turned out to be a bad idea, Rosado got in the better shots in the exchanges they had, cruising to a unanimous decision  on all cards(40-36)(40-36)(40-35).

Simon “One Punch” Carr (2-0) 2Kos met his toughest challenge to date against southpaw Luis Santiago (0-1) of Puerto Rico. The undefeated Carr decided to test the chin of Santiago quickly in round one going right after Santiago with a barrage of punches reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s style in the early 80’s. The accumulation of punches Carr threw in round one seemed to have him winded quickly and Santiago capitalized by catching Carr with a left hand that stunned Carr as he lost his footing and slipped off the ring. It’s unclear if the slip off the ring was ruled a knock-down or not. Referee Cotton brushed off the gloves and the fight continued. Through rounds two to four, Carr and Santiago, had even exchanges that Santiago seemed to land the better of. The scorecards were (39-37)(38-37)(40-37). The decision went to Carr but the crowd wasn’t pleased and the boos and other b-words began.

Tiger Allen made his pro debut on the card against Ed Graves of Washington D.C. This one ended quickly when Allen dropped Graves with a right hand that sent Graves to the canvas.


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