Powell to Smith: Get ready for the worst beating of your life!"

By G. Leon


Powell to Smith: Get ready for the worst beating of your life!"

GL: What's the latest and greatest Sechew? "I've just been working hard in training for my February 17 fight with Ishe Smith. And I must say, I've been hearing about all the talking he's been doing on Boxingtalk and if he fights half as good as he's talking to you he might last six rounds. It's not secret that I don't respect his hand game much. I mean if this guy were as tough as he talked wouldn'the have been able to come out of that tournament of Rocky Contenders? I'm just glad HBO is giving me the opportunity to showcase myself against this dude, because that's what it's going to be a showcase and a coming out party for the Iron Horse."

GL: How do you feel about some of the remarks he made about your performance against Kassim Ouma? He questioned your heart and said you wanted to quit.

Sechew Powell: "He's saying a lot of things that don't make much sense to me, but he's going to pay for them all on February 17. I mean he can't be serious G, first of all would he even fight someone like Kassim Ouma? Maybe if they forced him to, but he knows he don't have nothing for Kassim and on February 17 I'm going to teach him and show the world that he's got nothing for me either. He's talking about heart, but is this the same dude who was looking up at the clock against Randall Bailey? He was straight up acting like he couldn't wait for that fight to end, and that was Randall Bailey. If he was counting seconds against a blown up junior welterweight like Randall Bailey what's he going to do with a seasoned junior middleweight in front of him."

GL: Ishe said he's knocking you out, what's your prediction for the fight?

SP: "Has he ever knocked out anybody that had a pulse? He could run his mouth all he wants, on February 17 he's going to have nowhere to run and I'm going to treat him like what he is, a sparring partner, I promise you that. As far as my prediction goes, this is going to be the worst beating this guy is ever going to take. I predict that he's not going to be doing Boxingtalk mailbags for a while, maybe until he realizes that he should just stay on Boxingtalk and out of the ring."

GL: What is going to be the difference in this fight that leads to a Sechew Powel victory?

SP: "Skills, smarts, size, stregnth, take your pick. I'm superior to Ishe Smith in every way and I'm going to take him to the deep waters and drown him, simple as that."

GL: Does fighting Smith in New York put any extra pressure on you and is this fight a do or die for you?

SP: "To answer the first part, it doesn't put any extra pressure on me at all. I've fought in New York many times so I'm used to ignoring the little extra stuff that could distract some fighters. Secondly, all fights are do or die in boxing, I'm focused on my craft and I'm hungry and I'm taking every fight as do or die from now until I retire. I believe that I'm the best junior middleweight in the world and I'm going to prove it one performance at a time."

GL: I'd like to keep this one short and sweet because I imagine you'll have lots more to say in the coming weeks leading up to this fight so is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SP: "As always I want to thank Boxingtalk.com for keeping me on the hottest boxing site out there. I want to tell all my fans they can count on a great performance from The Iron Horse on February 17."


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