Powell ready to shine as he headlines Shobox!

By G. Leon


Powell ready to shine as he headlines Shobox!

Sechew on Contender Champ: "I'd pound him out! By the time I get done with he'd be no Mora, I'd finish him for real!"

GL: Can you tell us what you know about your next opponent, Archak Termelikstain? "I don't know very much about him. I haven't really followed his career too tough, but I know he's a former Olympian and he's one of the better fighters that I've been matched with so far. From what I've seen of him on tape, he looks like he does a bit of everything, he likes to box and he likes to brawl. I'm pretty much expecting him to come correct and I'm looking forward to an exciting fight, but he doesn't look strong enough for the Iron Horse when you sum it all up."

GL: We've been featuring you on Boxingtalk since your pro-debut, now you're 17-0 headlining your first Shobox card. How do you assess your progress?

Sechew Powell: "I would say that my career has been going excellent. Not good, better than good, excellent. I've managed to show the boxing public on numerous occassions that I could punch and I have superior ring generalship. The people who have been watching me from the beginning until now are aware of the progress I've made and they know we plan on fighting for one of them world titles real soon."

GL: Are you hoping that this fight springboards you into a title-eliminator to bring you one step closer to your title shot?

SP: "I hope so. I've been hoping that happened after my last three fights. But this is another journey for me and another step. One thing I've noticed comes with each successful outing is more criticism. But that comes with the terriory, the haters are going to hate. People don't understand my pedigree is very deep in this game and I've been at the top of this game since I was 10 years old. Hopefully this will be that fight G, but if it isn't I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. I just hope the boxing fans tune in to watch and appreciate what I do.

"I have nothing against any fighter in boxing because it takes a real man to climb into the ring and put our life on the line. There's dudes out there who are strong men as far as life goes, but as far as physical combat, you got to respect everyone who steps for in the ring."

GL: How do you feel a fight between you and Sergio Mora would play out?

SP: "I pound Mora out, better yet I'd pound him out again, I already beat him up as an amateur."

GL: It doesn't sound as though you think too highly of the Cotnender champion.

SP: "He's doo-doo. I'd finish him for real, they'd be calling him No Mora. He won't be anything when I'm done with him."

GL: Do you see this fight with Archak going the distance?

SP: "I don't think so but it still has all the makings of a great boxing match. We both shoot to kill. Well, I don't really know about him. He shoots to kill on tomato cans, I shoot to kill on gorillas. If he's tough enough to last the distance if not he'll get pounded out because I'm not looking to give him a pass. In my last fight on Shobox I put Bundrage out in 22 seconds, it was one of the most exciting fights ever on Shobox and I'm looking to pick up where I left off. I'm a fighter and I'm just looking to show people that I'm superior. When I get in the ring I do what I want and I control the ring."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SP: "First of all I want to thank you and Boxingtalk for supporting me from day one, I really appreciate it. I just want everyone to tune in on November 4, it's going to be a great fight and you're going to get to see The Iron Horse at his best."


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