Povetkin and Chambers hold final press conference


Povetkin and Chambers hold final press conference

Press Release: Russian star Alexander Povetkin (14-0, 11 KOs) is convinced he will beat Eddie Chambers (30-0, 16 KOs) in Saturday´s final IBF heavyweight eliminator and go on to become the next big thing in the heavyweight division. Speaking in front of a packed press conference in Berlin, the 2004 Olympic gold medal winner said: “I am very confident of success. I expect a very hard fight, much harder than against Chris Byrd. Everything else we will see in the ring.”

The media interest in the showdown has been gigantic. 44 TV stations will broadcast the fight, including HBO. It spells a historic first time that the American network will broadcast a non-Klitschko fight out of Germany. “It is not easy to get HBO over here so we're pleased they are coming,” Wilfried Sauerland said. “We all know that the winner of this fight has a golden future ahead – and it will be Alexander who leaves the ring victorious.”

Chambers' promoter Dan Goossen agreed on the importance but not on the outcome of the clash. “It will be a great fight. Eddie is the number one in the rankings, Alexander the number two. We believe that Eddie will win. I am from Hollywood, California, and we make a lot of movies over there. Eddie has ‘superstar’ attached to his name.”

Sauerland was quick to fire back: “This is not Hollywood, this is Germany. We also make movies but they do not always have happy endings. I will have to console Dan. The happy ending will not be for his fighter but for Povetkin.”

Just like Povetkin, Chambers was full of respect for his opponent. “I have seen his fights on TV and they are certainly impressive. But I'm sure I'll win. I am very mobile. And I don´t think he knows how much power I´ve got.” The 25-year-old American said he was unfazed by fighting in Germany. “I know the fans will be on his side, but I'm prepared for that. I can take it.” Chambers has most recently added former world champion Buddy McGirt to his coaching staff. The move has paid off, finds head coach Eddie Chambers senior. “It has been great to have him around,” he said. “It´s like the icing on the cake. But we already had a system that has worked very well.”