Post-Fight Interview: Roy Jones Jr

By Brad Cooney


Post-Fight Interview: Roy Jones Jr

Boxingtalk was in the house in Biloxi, MS to witness the legendary Roy Jones Jr win a convincing win over Anthony Hanshaw.  Boxingtalk posed a few questions to Jones Jr.... check out what Roy had to say about possible fights with Glen Johnson, and Jermain Taylor.

BT - Roy, Glenn Johnson says that all you have to do is sign the dotted line.  What do you have to say to him in response?

RJJ - Glen Johnson says that yeah, I'll sign on the dotted line when it's time.  I am not stupid, you got to use your head.  People want to see me fight, aint nobody wants to see him fight.  nobody wants to see him fight.

BT - How important was it to you to come back to Biloxi, Mississippi to fight?

RJJ -  It was real important to me, this is like home, this is where I was raised.  If they down and out down here and need someone to help them, and I am down and out and need someone to help bring me back, we just need to make it happen.  It's the power of prayer that is helping the people down here.

BT - Roy is Jermain Taylor in your plans for the near future?

RJJ -  Jermain is in my plans, we were supposed to fight in September.  We were supposed  to fight at 168lbs.

BT - Can you make that weight?

RJJ - Yea I can make that weight.



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