Post-Fight Interview: Demetrius Hopkins

By G. Leon


Post-Fight Interview: Demetrius Hopkins

GL: Congrats on your win over Enrique Colin, can you give us someĀ  thoughts on your performance? "I looked good. He was a tough, tough Mexican. Everyone knows the Mexicans come to fight. I felt good throughout the fight and now I'm just ready for Paulie (Malignaggi), I'm ready for the big dogs. I'm going to fight for the IBF title soon and it's nothing personal with Paulie, he's just got something that I want."

GL: Paulie will be fighting on Showtime in January. If he's victorious in that fight are you confident you will be his next defense?

Demetrius Hopkins: "Yeah. I think it will big fight at Madison Square Garden. He's a draw there, I can draw there and it would be a big fight for the 140 pound division. If you really look at it, there's not too many big names in the 140 pound division. There's not many big fights in the weight class. I think we'll bring the 140 pound division back to life."

GL: Other than becoming champion, what goals do you have for 2008?

DH: "I'm not just focused on being champion, I'm focused on being undisputed champion of the world. Anybody can get a belt. Anybody can get in the rankings, fight a fight and become champion. But it's about keeping that belt, that's what makes a true champion. I'm focused on being a true champion and the undisputed champion of the world."

GL: Other than this mandatory he's got coming up with Ngoudjo, Lovemore N'dou is protesting to get his rematch. Are you concerned that N'dou's protest could delay your shot?

DH: "I'm the number one contender in the IBF and I think that should get me a shot at the IBF title. It's my time. Lovemore N'dou needs to sit down and relax and let me perform and take that belt and then maybe he can get at me."

GL: If you can't get Malignaggi next, do you plan on staying busy?

DH: "Definitely. A little ten round fight or something."

GL: I ask becuase if he's making his mandatory in January he's going to have nine months to make his mandatory against you.

DH: "Yeah, I'm just being real humble. I'm not really a big talker. Paulie's a talker. He likes to talk. I like for my hands to do the talking and I want to fight him so bad it's not even funny. I'm just ready."

GL: How did you rate your performance against Colin?

DH: "It was a good performance. He was tough. I didn't finish him and I had him hurt a few times, but other than that I was able to do whatever I wanted."

GL: Are you disappointed you didn't finish him?

DH: "Things happen. I worked hard and I looked good and he was hurt and I had him on Quincy Street I couldn't put the finishing touch on him."

GL: How would you describe your style?

DH: "I could punch when I want to, but I'd say I'm boxer a master boxer."

GL: Is there anyhting you'd like to say in closing?

DH: "I feel it was a good performance last week. I'm going to keep on picking up these victories and I will become champion in 2008. I'm hungry and I'm ready."


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