Posey Hungrier Than Ever

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Posey Hungrier Than Ever

RC: What’s going on Posey?
RP: Before I say anything I would like to say rest in peace to Al Galvin and Harold Christian. I dedicate my next fight and all of my other fights afterwards to them. I loved both of them and they’ll both be missed. But other than that I’m just chilling man; I can’t wait to get back in the ring

RC: After suffering your first lost as a professional what has it been like since?
RP: Truthfully I know I got a lot of haters hating me, and I really found out who me real people are. It is funny that most of the people that I thought hated me… when I lost they are the ones that were like “Are you alright? We got your back! You are still a good fighter, keep your head up” and I was shocked. So it was the people that I thought hated me who really love me and showed me the most love. That lost showed me who my real people are. You know I am from the hood so I can read through looks, I can see a fake ass smile. But people in my gym showed me madd love.

RC: Tell us a little bit about your last performance? And where do you feel you went wrong against Francisco Rincon?
RP: That De La Hoya show (Posey was elected to participate in the reality show “The Next Great Champ” the day after his lost) messed me up, it had me brain washed. I was too worried about going to be apart of the show and wasn’t focused.

It’s like I was boxing him and he wasn’t throwing any punches, obviously they told him I am a puncher, so he came out and wasn’t throwing any punches and I was throwing. I threw a hard left to the body and came up to the top, I noticed that he had his defense real tight, and I was saying to myself, how am I going to get in there? So I throw a hard left to the body, then I let him bring his hands down and threw a hard hook to the top and it caught him. He got mad and smashed his hands together and started coming towards me and my hard headed ass locked down and traded punches with him and he caught me with a hook right in my ear (Boom). It was like somebody shot me in my ear, you know me I never been hurt before. So that was virgin territory for me, so after I lost my legs, I went on the ropes, he followed me but when he seen me set my legs to let off one hard shot, he backed off. Then I followed him which was my mistake I should stayed right there. I followed him off the ropes on wobbly legs, I threw a left hand, another hook and he threw an uppercut which caught me. Then hit me in my temple with a right hand and I went down, when I got up the ref counted and gave me an eight count, and my legs buckled a little bit and he stopped it. I told him after the fight that he was the better man tonight, and he even said “You’ll be back” Plus I got six mother fuckers at home right now that are fucked up off of what I did to them. The same thing he did to me I did to six other cats.

RC: Was that a humbling experience loosing to a guy in your hometown, who prior to the two of you exchanged a lot words with one another?
RP: Yeah man, because this dude was saying he was going to stop me in one and he did. I am not going to take anything away from him; I came into the fight prepared. I just had a lot of things on my mind. When I got there Ron Scott Stevens (NYS Commissioner) told me I was going to be fighting six rounds and I told him I can’t fight six rounds because I am going to California tomorrow and I cant fight over four rounds (As a requirement to qualify for the show “The Next Great Champ) and he was like “No-No you have to” then when I get in the ring and the announcer was like “Welterweight bout scheduled for four rounds” I was like ooh shit, four rounds? I was just trying to get everything together. The situation was crazy, it was an experience man, I mean a lost is only a lost if you don’t learn from it and I learned from this one man. I am stronger, I am faster, my defense is much crazier, and it’s a wrap. Seriously man, I feel like I still got a whole bunch of shit to prove.

RC: Is a rematch with Francisco Rincon something you will look to make in the future?
RP: Ooh yeah definitely, that is something I need to do for me to feel good about myself, I feel fucked up right now loosing to him. I mean truthfully I don’t even know ho w he fights, it wasn’t a fight, we didn’t even do anything he just caught me and boom it was a wrap. Then right after that the next day Roy Jones lost and I said to myself is this upset year? But yo me and him are going to do it again.

Now all of a sudden people want to fight me now. I spoke to Sal (Musumeci (Posey’s promoter)) and he was asking me when I am going to be ready because a lot of guys are asking for me so I told him to let them ask on. They are saying the want me to fight Russell Jordan for the New York State Welterweight title, and you know why I would fight and beat him right now? Because he will probably sleep on me right now. The same way I did Francisco, he would sleep on me, but with the way I am feeling now he will be out in one and I will be the state champion.

RC: So what’s next for you?
RP: I am looking for a…I would say a fight to get me back in the game; I am just looking for… I don’t even want an easy fight. I just need a fight to boast my ego back up to show me how it is to win again., because I am not a looser man and at the same token I am not a sore looser. If I loose the right way then you got it, with Francisco (Rincon) I walked up to him afterwards and I was like yo good fight man. I didn’t go up to him afterwards and say “Fuck you Mexican” I didn’t say any of that. I said you are the better man, you got it and if it is meant to be we will see each other again. But what I want is a tune up then possibly (Russell) Jordan for the NYS title (Which is currently held by Kamel Kolonivic, who is said to be looking to vacate shortly).

RC: Why him in particular?
RP: Because that is who (Jim) Borzell (Final Forum Matchmaker) kept telling me about the fight possibly taking place for the title, and I am like who the fuck is he? Bring him on, now is the best time to fight him because everybody is sleeping on me.

RC: At one point many up and coming fighters in the NYC area wanted very little to do with you stepping in the ring with them, do you think it is going to be easier getting fights now?
RP: Yeah, it is going to be easier for me to get fights now, and trust me, that 7-1(6) is going to be like 10-1 with nine. Watch.…..that is my word I guarantee you man, I am not talking out my ass either, because a lot of dudes will say “ooh I will fight Posey” and half of these dudes in New York know they cant beat me man and that is why they turned me down before, these dudes out here in New York…

RC: (Cutting in) Are you talking about someone in particular?
RP: I am not talking about anybody in particular, they know who the fuck they are, when they read the interview they will know who they are. Half of them that are undefeated were suppose to fight me early on but say no they don’t  want to fight Posey because he is southpaw, but is wasn’t because I am southpaw, it was because I can box and I can punch with either hand. I’ll fight any of them. I will be 27yrs old, I am getting old man. If I get a couple fights under my belt and they offer me Zab Judah I will fight him.

RC: Posey you were a slept on prospect, and then you became highly avoided, then lost to Rincon, what is it going to take ……
RP: (Cutting in) To knock one of these prospects out.

RC: Prospects like who?
RP: Anybody, if you are a prospect and if you think I am an opponent for you, bring it on and I will starch you. My whole training is based on me feeling like I have no knockouts and I want one bad, before I was like “yeah I am 7-0 with 6 KO’s I hit madd hard” and the dude that I didn’t knockout  I dropped him three time in the first round so I should be 7-0 with seven knockouts. But all it is going to take is for me to knock out one hot prospect. There is a couple hot prospects out there right now that I will love to get down with, I wouldn’t say in the future I would say in the near future real real soon when it is about a little paper or whatever.

RC: Any prospects in particular?
RP: You got Joey Rios (7-0), you got Allan Conyers (8-1), not just both of them but any prospect at my level right now.

RC: In other words you want to be the King of New York before you take it to the national stage?
RP: Exactly, I want to be the King of New York. In my pro debut I didn’t even get hit, he didn’t hit me once, he swung missed and I countered and he was gone. I dropped him five times within one minute. After that dudes didn’t want to fight me and I had to fight a guy that was 6-10 in my fourth fight, dudes weren’t fighting guys like that early in their careers. I know he was only 6-10 but at that point he was already a 6-8 round fighter or something like that.

RC: Was Joey Rios mentioned because he beat you in the New York Golden Gloves and went on to win the entire tournament?
RP: I am not calling him out because of that, he still gives me my respect til this day. When I can out of the ring from fighting Spiderman (Joseph Benjamin) I was like wassup Joe and he was like “What’s up man? He said “You are still a hard hitting mother fucker man. I’ll never forget that right hook you hit me with in the golden gloves” that fight between me and Joey was real close and could have went either way, and the thing that made me feel a little better that I got robbed in the golden gloves, is that the person that I lost too won the tournament. I didn’t just loose to the person who lost to the winner I lost to the winner of the whole thing. I mean Joey Rios is a good boxer and I have nothing against him and Allan Conyers is a good boxer too but it is where the money is at kid. In order for me to build myself up that is the type of fights I am going to need.

I know a lot of people are sleeping me know. I am in this sport for the money and for the blood, I love fighting so now I have something to prove even more.

RC: Are you worried about the stigma that you have a soft chin and your opponents are going to be bringing trying to get at you?
RP: Francisco never hit my chin, he didn’t even hit my chin.

RC: Well you know what I mean...
RP: He hit my chin one time with an uppercut and that is when I was already hurt, he caught me in my ear before that, He caught me in my ear and busted me eardrum, I had blood coming out my ear. Truthfully I got caught with good shots on my chin twice in other fights, I got dropped and got back up and knocked them both out. Honestly that is what I want, I want people to think I have a suspect chin and come in, and if you come into me it’s a wrap. I want them to come on, come one come all. I am nothing but a baby Tyson kid so either hand I hit you with its a wrap, so once they come in and think that shit is sweet, it is a wrap for them, trust me, the harder they try the worse this can get, the more laid backed they are the more laid back I might be, but the harder they try the meaner I get because now I am out to hurt something.

You don’t know how bad it is when after my last fight me and my girl was laid up in the bed and she says “Come here baby” and I say don’t touch me. I didn’t even want to be bothered by my girl and I couldn’t sleep, I kept waking up in the middle of the night, even when I am in the gym working out it hits me like damn I really lost. But then I had OG’s coming up to me telling me “You know Bernard Hopkins lost his first professional fight” and its things like that that keeps me going. And when I step back in the ring dudes are in trouble.

It doesn’t look as good anymore because I don’t have that zero there, but trust me it is better for me because I am going to pile these wins up. My mind wasn’t really focused on Rincon that night. Me and my brother was packing up studio equipment saying “We are going to take this to California with us” that is how much I was into that show shit.  We were like “We are going to take this, that and after I knock this nigga out we are going to bounce”

RC: So in other words you basically looked passed Rincon and paid the ultimate price?
RP: Yes I did, definitely, and truthfully I was like “I am going to knock him out then we are going to go get something to eat, go get out clothes and jump on the flight tomorrow” that is what I was saying to myself, that is how that show had me all wrapped up. Then when shit didn’t go like that, it fucked me all up. Trust me man, if you put that same fight, on the same day and take the De La Hoya tryouts out of the picture I would have knocked him out in two rounds.

I never been put in a situation like that before, I had never been hurt like that and I didn’t know anything about grabbing. I felt that if somebody hit me and I grabbed him I would have felt like a sucker. But like Bob (Jackson) was saying you are not a sucker you are being smart. It is like if you are virgin and somebody brings you to an orgy party, how are you going to feel? You are going to feel messed up like “what should I do?” I was that virgin at the orgy party; I was like I am hurt so what am I suppose to do.

RC: Are you going to be able to deal with people coming at your ten times harder because of your TKO defeat?
RP: I want them to, I really want them to. I also hope I find a good manager soon and spread some love. Just let these cats know I am back and I don’t want them to sleep because if they sleep too hard they are really going to sleep. The New York state Welterweight title is suppose to be vacant soon if it becomes available and they still want me to fight Russell Jordan I will take that fight, tell them to bring it on.


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