Philly fighters holding open workout!

By Larry Tornambe


Philly fighters holding open workout!

The Philadelphia boxing scene opens the doors to a free workout at the World  Gym at 11000 Roosevelt Boulevard.   Some of the fighters featured on a May 6th boxing card will perform for the public beginning at noon this Saturday (April 16th).

Joey Eye Boxing and NIT Management are promoting the show on May 6th and have decided to bring the featured fighters to the public forum. “It’ll be  free to the public” says Joey “and outside since the weather is supposed to be nice on Saturday.”  This will be Joey’s first promotion step, after being a Philadelphia fighter, a trainer at his Goodfella’s Gym at 17th and Jackson Streets in South Philadelphia and one of the city’s best cutmen.  ‘Eye’ is getting experienced assistance in the promotion ring from Nedal Abuhumoud of NIT. Fans can see typical workouts from main event fighters to newcomers as  they expect Clarence “Sonny Bono” Taylor, Jose Medina, Dasine Asbury, Jack Burris and Chucky Cavallo to spar, work the focus pads and more.    

If you ever wanted to investigate a boxer’s workout this will be a fantastic time to do, you’ll be able to see the training, talk to the boxers, trainers and promoters.  “The World Gym is in a shopping area with Target and Chickie and Pete’s (one of Philly’s leading steak sandwich places)” Joey says invitingly, “plenty of parking, too.”

The ringside boxing fan gets closer to the action than in any other sport and now you’ll be able to watch the preparations fighters must make prior to a bout.  Joey and Nedal will assist in purchasing tickets to the May 6th  fights and provide training tips.  Nedal is associated with Trenton (NJ) Professional Boxing Club and Goodfella’s Gym is nestled in south Philadelphia, just in case you want to try training.

On May 6th Taylor (8-5-2) will fight Franco Ogentho (15-5) in the main event  (Junior Middleweights).  Chucky Cavallo (2-0) will battle the more experienced Dhafir Smith (13-7-2), Rami Ibraham (1-2) and Dasine Asbury  (2-2) will mix it up and Jose “El Macho” Medina (11-3; 9KOs) is in training to fight Leon Pearson.  The May 6th card will have several other bouts including Mark Ford and Josean Escalares and an exhibition between Omar Sheika and Buster Drayton.  Get your free preview to the fights at
Saturday’s free workout and get your tickets there or call 609 209-5642 or  267-304-9399.  The World Gym can be reached at 215 677-1496.